FAA's New Drone Initiative Welcomes New Colleagues

FAA’s New Drone Initiative Welcomes New Colleagues

If you own a drone then you might have heard about FAA but do you know about their latest BEYOND program? The FAA’s BEYOND program has achieved a new milestone after Northern plains UAS and Nort Dakota Transportation department. Both of these departments have partnered with the leading Drone giants like SkyScopes, Xcel energy, Skydio, Equinor, and a few more.

Basically, the main motive of FAA behind this program is to overcome the challenges with BVLOS “Being beyond visual line of sight” operations that can be scaled, repeated, Public operations, Small Delivery package, and Public operations. Here’s what Director Bill Panos shared:

We are incredibly excited to announce our partnerships with such innovative companies from within North Dakota and across the country. Partnerships like this keep us at the cutting edge of UAS advancements.

-Bill Panos

Apart from that BEYOND program will also have a look at Leveraging industry operations, analysis, and other operations that will be social and economical benefits. Other than this program also focuses on rules and regulations and develops more accurate data in order to develop correct standards.

This program will also gather community feedbacks, reduce the drone integration approval process and understand other numerous community benefits of drones. Here’s what NPUTASTS says:

It’s incredibly advantageous that North Dakota is a powerhouse in UAS. Having BEYOND and Vantis in the same location, and having the expertise and reputation to draw these leaders in commercial UAS operations in, means that we are well-positioned to execute the goals of BEYOND.

-Nicolas Floam

This combination of Northern plain and North Dakota transportation is a big deal! This network will also enable Numerous commercial drone flights across the state and provide great support and framework to different states. In my opinion rest of the states should also implement the same network do let me know your opinion in the comment section.

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Here is the Full List of the participating giants and what they offer to the program:

  1. Skydio: It is one of the leading manufactures of autonomous drones. They have to use AI to understand the environment and point out harmful surroundings for public safety and industrial inspections.
  2. Airspace Link: It is one of the famous UAS suppliers of LAANC ” Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability”. They focus on the needs of governments, Making sure that UAS pilots can make healthy decisions.
  3. Xcel Energy: It is one of the leading organization in the US, The have to make use of autonomous technology and support energy delivery.
  4. Volansi: One of the leading manufacturers of VTOL “Vertical take-off and landing” autonomous flight systems which are mainly focused on certification.
  5. Equinor: It is one of the leading producers of gas, oil, solar energy, wind among 30 countries including North Dakota.
  6. SkySkopes: A leading drone service provider situated in North Dakota. It is concentrated on developing smart solutions in the energy sector.
  7. Workhorse: One of the leading autonomous solutions providers that are supporting deliveries, operation support, and airworthiness.
  8. iSight Drone Services: One of the leading companies in North Dakota focusing on UAS operations and operation management.
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