Gun Attached To A Drone

A Gun Attached To A Drone By A Student

In the summer of 2015, a YouTube video became popular which showed a flying gun attached to a drone. This wasn’t it. In the entire 15-second video, the quadcopter fired four shots without losing stability or the flight becoming turbulent. Are the machines getting ready to take this world over? Well, probably not! But it does spring into minds a very crucial question: Was the owner of the drone, who happened to be a college student, found to do acts that were in violation of the local rules and regulations? Here is the video for you all!

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This is what the Federal Aviation Administration have been striving to determine. The FAA are yet to comment on whether drones firing shots are illicit but even the thought of such a drone existing in your neighborhood sounds quite freaky. The owner of the drone did not want to comment on the issue surrounding the flying gun attached to a drone but his father added that his son was a mechanical engineer and so there was nothing fishy about the contraption.

YouTube video

The father also said that his son had shown proclivity towards machines since the age of 10 when he first received his boating license. He also told that his son acquired his snowmobile license when he was only 12, became a certified scuba diver at 13 and at 17 got his motorbike’s license. He further added that after handling a flying gun attached to a drone, his son was well on his way to getting his pilot’s license as well.

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Ultimately, the college student seems to be someone who is interested in building a gun attached to a drone and just because people might get freaked out, it does not imply that he is doing something wrong or it is a violation of the laws. Having said that, the video certainly acts as a stimulant to discussing how drones should be regulated to ensure that no ethical or legal provisions are violated. If this sort of contraption gets into wrong hands, it could spell doom for the lovers of peace.

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