New Drone Owners

New Drone Owners: Top 5 rules

It is a new year finally. If your 2020 couldn’t have been worse, your 2021 couldn’t have started any better if you got gifted a drone by your friend or relative. However, there are certain rules and regulations that the new drone owners must look into. According to the FAA restrictions, we have highlighted the top 5 rules for newcomers to this industry.

Before going into the rules, we must know about the rules that determine your drone activity. The new drone owners usually find it difficult to understand the barometers of drones. According to the statistics from the BBC, more than 80% of the people get accustomed to drones because they are found as part of their relative’s weddings. Therefore, they jump onto the bandwagon without knowing its consequences. 

Here are the top 5 rules for the newcomers to fly the drones:

FAA organizes all the abroad flights

If outside, the pilots are taking care of the drones within the NAS (National Airspace System). This regulation gets maintained even if the drone is on the ground or you own a cheap drone. The new drone owners must know that all the drones/flights are monitored by the FAA. The barometers of these restrictions include land, property, altitude, etc.

Part 107 takes care of most of the civil flights

The new drone owners may have the passion to fly them. However, they do not look into the regulations imposed by the CBO (Community Based Organization). Therefore, the US government has decided to give all the duties to Part 107 regarding rules and regulations. The rules are said to be even more strict.

The new drone owners must register themselves on FAA

If you want to blossom in the world of the drone industry, you must do the basics first. Get yourself registered to the FAA website and get all the credentials associated with it.

You cannot fly without an FAA qualification certification

If you are good enough, you are old enough. However, if we talk about drones, you can only be good enough if you are an FAA certified drone owner. Therefore, you must fulfill all their demands regarding that.

At least 400 altitude 

The new drone owners must have an altitude of a minimum of 400. According to the FAA, they usually give warnings to the drone owners if they are on a thin line regarding the altitude. However, they want the owners to take responsibility instead of them letting the owners know all the time. The size of the drone must be taken into account while flying the drone.


Fly in daylight

The drones must fly in daylight. However, the FAA is working hard to create a blueprint for the drones at night. The new drone owners must look into the Visual Line of Sight before flying them. They must have an airspace authority  Night operations must need proper waivers for the procedure to be completed. However, the main talking point is that the comfort zone for a new drone owner is the daylight. Everything is clear to him.

The main aspect of a new drone owner is that they should not indulge with other aircraft members.


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