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Increase in Drone Pilot Jobs Benefits Other Industries

When you see an increase in drone pilot jobs, you will see benefits for other industries as well. There was one particular drone detection company that hit a massive milestone of 1000 Dedrone sensors getting sold. In June 2021, Dedrone announced that it had sold 1000 sensors worldwide. The company sold sensors across 33 different countries, and they identify, approve and locate 250 drone types, such as Yuneec drones

How does the increase in drone pilot jobs lead to other benefits?

It is still debatable whether the coronavirus pandemic reduced the number of drone pilot jobs in the market. In the earlier days of the pandemic, we saw a decline in the drone industry. According to the Drone Industry Barometer in May 2020, only 13% of the drone companies saw an increase in the demand for drones. However, things changed in the coming months. 

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Recently, Dedrone claimed that the increase in drone pilot jobs has been beneficial to them in the post-coronavirus world. The reasons behind that are as follows:

  • Coronavirus pandemic created opportunities for the drone pilots to prove their value in the procedures, such as last-mile delivery. Furthermore, the pandemic enabled the employees to stay safe at home or maintain social distancing
  • Drones have become cheaper over the last year (For example, DJI Air 2S 2021 was massive for the photography industry, and it had a price tag of $1000)
  • Drones can carry bigger payloads and travel faster, which means that there are many more job opportunities on the table.

The broader market

Due to increased drone pilot jobs, there has been an increase in revenue growth. Similarly, Dedrone claimed that apart from the milestone regarding sensors, their revenue growth has exceeded over 250%. The customers normally consist of industries, such as critical infrastructure, airports, and correctional facilities. Most importantly, it offers airspace security to four of the G7 nation governments, including the United States Department of Defense. 

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