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Teal Drone May be Very Fast But Apps Matter the Most

The biggest hurdle while entering the world of drones is to determine the kind of drone that you should start with. Teal drone solves that equation. Whether you are looking to race against your friends, fly casually in the park in your neighborhood or capture stunning landscapes, all of these facts have a role to play in deciding the drone that you should begin with. We are not familiar of a multipurpose drone available on the market as yet that can accomplish all these tasks at the same time efficiently.

The Teal drone, worth $1,299 has been engineered with just about the same concept in mind and is available for pre-orders. It is a multipurpose drone that banks on applications responsible for controlling the specific task required of the drone. The aircraft can attain optimum speeds of 70mph and is a great device for rookies as well as seasoned experts.

Teal Drone

While zipping through San Francisco’s skyline on a bright sunny day, the Teal appeared to be a machine suitable for novices but the fact remains that the 18 year old Teal CEO, George Matus, is one of the most proficient of drone pilots around. With an experience of about seven years of drone flying at his back, George recalled on the occasion that he was able to fly all the products out there at the time. He said that back then, he had forged a wish list of all the special features he wanted to have in his drone.

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George hopes that his machine will be able to conquer the uphill task of being multipurpose thanks to the sophisticated applications. The drone, at the time of launch, came with three integrated apps with the command and control app being the most prominent of the lot. The application comes with different modes of flight including a mode that has been designed for rookies allowing them to control the machine with ease without fearing its crash. The rookies can move onto more complicated modes as they excel in their flying business.

Matus says that the major goal that he had in mind while designing Teal was to come up with a fast paced drone but also something whose speed could be controlled for different purposes.

The other applications at the time of launch included the Follow Me mode that makes use of image recognition to have the machine follow a designated user. The racing application lets the operator race against his or her competitors. Matus is also planning to launch an SDK so that app developers can create different modes of flight as and when required.

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An operator can control the Teal drone up to an altitude of 300 feet with the help of his or her iOS or Android powered machine. A WiFi extender can be used to bolster the control range of 2,500 feet while the drone is also compatible with RC transmitters; thereby offering a control range of a whopping 2 miles.

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Software is only a small portion of the Teal drone’s story. The drone is powered by a NVidia TX1 which is responsible for the machine’s autonomous flight features and image recognition options. Employing an inertial navigation system for GPS, the entire system combines an accelerometer, magnetometer, GPS receiver, barometer, gyroscope and other sensors for keeping the flight stable. The drone lacks an integrated collision detection feature but they are in the process of being developed.

The Teal is loaded with a 13MP camera that has the ability to capture 4K UHD video and store it in 16GB of internal storage or a microSD card. Teal has been engineered to be upgradable so the drone pilots can replace tops to augment a FPV camera.

The drone offers a flight time of about 10 minutes on a standard battery. The drone is shipped with two batteries that offer fast charging features. The High Endurance bundle with a battery offers a flight time of about 20 minutes.

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Teal is 9.8 inches in size from one motor to another and weighs around 1.6 pounds which means that it does not have to be registered with FAA. It is easily portable.

The whole bundle includes the drone, a couple of batteries, a charger, a set of propellers and expansion cables. Teal depends heavily on the applications whether they come from the company or from third party app developers. Keep fingers crossed for Teal’s success!

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