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DRL establishes a drone mobile racing game

There is a new drone mobile racing game in the spotlight, and its founder is one of the biggest leaders in the drone industry, The Drone Racing League.  The game is free to download on both Android and iOS versions.  On Monday (22nd November 2021), DRL launched a game that simulates being a drone pilot. This mobile game was created in a partnership with Skillz, a mobile gaming platform.

What to expect from this drone mobile racing game?

In the game, you’ll try and beat the clock. You will be flying DRL drones through virtual courses. Like we see with actual drone race courses, you will try to manage your drone through obstacles and gates. However, the thing that makes this drone mobile racing game unique is that you can collect coins. By collecting coins, you can boost your ranking and abilities.

If you want to fly, you will utilize simple touch-screen maneuvers that is almost equivalent to racing with a physical drone. As we see with physical racing, you need to maneuver the drone to ensure that it flies in the right path. This will enable you to get a feel of real-life drone racing skills.

Don’t waste any time, download it now and build your reputation in this game. The reason is that this December, DRL is giving you an opportunity to take part in Skillzhosted Drone Racing Arcade tournaments, which will have an exclusive price for the winner.


“Our Drone Racing Arcade game is the ultimate first foray into flying drones on mobile and gives players a fun, free and easy way to experience the thrill of drone racing,” a statement from DRL Chief Marketing Officer

As you have seen from the trailer above, the game looks pretty exciting. DRL is on the cusp of hosting the 2021-22 DRL World Championship Season, which combines esports and real drone racing. It airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on NBCSN and Twitter.

In this drone mobile racing game competition, we will be seeing a total of 12 drone pilots competing against each other in 14 different kinds of races. Some formidable arenas include Allianz Field in Minnesota and the FedEx Forum in Tennessee. The 21/22 season premiered on 29th September 2021, whereas DRL Algorand World Championship Season 2021-22 finale will take place on 5th January 2022.  It will be aired for remote audiences on Saturday, 12th February and Sunday, 20th February 2022.

Looking Ahead

The latest drone mobile racing game has been nothing short of a fresh air to the gamers around the world. DRL has its own drone racing simulator for PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox. These simulators enable you to fly virtual drones across top-class arenas, including NFL stadiums. Even though the latest game is free to download, the simulator costs $10.

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