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5 drone locations eligible for flying

Usually, there are certain drone locations that are not considered eligible for flying. However, we have found five certain spots where there are rules and regulations regarding the eligibility of flying drones. However, the flying must be in a controlled and appropriate manner.

What are the five drone locations?

As per the report provided by the Federal Aviation Administration, there are five airports or drone locations that provide the facilities for drone technologies and other systems that can detect any drone risks in case of another drone coming near to it. They are as follows:

  1. Atlantic City International Airport (ACIA)
  2. Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SHIA)
  3. Rickenbacker International Airport (RIA)
  4. Huntsville International Airport (HIA)
  5. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (STIA)

There will be actual testing starting from 2021 and will go through 2023. It will allow drones to fly in these airports. Apart from the actual testing, these drone locations will provide the drones with fundamental technological advancements which will minimize the risks of drone collisions during racing leagues or any other form of flying purposes. The FAA has stated that they have a plan of carrying out at least 10 technologies or systems that will help the drone pilots in this regard.

The FAA research will include all the involvements of drone detection and mitigation. These drone locations were selected as they meet the demands of the FAA regarding testing environments and diverse operating conditions in the United States. This is referred to as the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, that enables this governing body to detect and mitigate risks regarding drone collisions or interferences found in drone-flying.  The safe airport operations remains the utmost priority.

Having said that, the drones cannot fly near these airports. It is because these drones are eligible to fly in Class B and C airspace without any rules and regulations. For this, DJI have provided a solution via GEO. The GEO tool enables the drone pilot to inhibit from flying in controlled airspaces (such as nearby airports).

Final Thoughts

The five drone locations we mentioned are eligible for flying the drones. Therefore, if you are a drone enthusiast, you most definitely should go at these spots and visualize your drone flying experience. I can assure you that you won’t come out disappointed.

What do you make of the five locations that we have provided for drone flying? Have you ever been flying drones in these locations? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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