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NOW The World Has Changed


How businesses are using drones to survive and flourish post-pandemic

The ‘new world’ is coming and we need to be ready for it. With the decline of high street retail, and hospitality industries being hammered by cuts in spending essential service jobs may never open their doors again – but there’s also a chance that these changes can bring new opportunities with them! e silicon valley has been a massive winner so far this year: broadband providers report traffic surges up between 30% & 50%. Online retailers struggle just enough without putting all eggs into one basket (or should I stay back office?). With technology getting smarter every day while our needs stay constant or even grow at breakneck speeds, how will you leverage your skillset?

How the pandemic has changed the landscape of work forever

As the world continues to change, many companies are adjusting at an incredible rate. Offices have turned into remote working zones as disaster recovery plans were finally put in place after being tested constantly over recent years or even decades! In this fast-paced environment where everything can happen quickly and without warning – it’s all about being prepared for anything with modern technology such as video conferencing tools which have been seen more commonly not just within business settings but also by consumers who want access when they need them most through their smartphones so there isn’t any downtime during meetings due simply because everyone is always connected.

All commercial drone operators, video production companies and professional photographers can benefit from this disturbance.

The post-pandemic environment is one where opportunities for business growth are emerging. For example virtual conferences and visits have become the norm due to advances in video technology that reduce costs associated with travel or mixed company. Loss adjusters need access remotely so they can complete their work efficiently without requiring an actual visit (which would be costly). 

Sports events like football games are being live-streamed nowadays that allows sports fans all over America to watch on whichever device they choose – this also means there’s increased demand among consumers looking at images/video footage online as oppose. Global supply chains are more fragile and produce goods and services in local markets has a strong appeal. It has implication for construction, manufacturing, transport networks, Government and agriculture.