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When do the FAA remote ID rules start working?

Do you guys remember the FAA announcement of December 2020, when they announced that they are set to issue the last of the remote ID rules? Well, it looks like we finally have the date for their commencement i.e. 21st April, 2021.

The final remote ID rules

Here are some of the things that you must know before the rules come into effect.

Firstly, in the last of the remote ID rules, you must assure that your drone can be identified in flight mode. Furthermore, the location of their control station can also be recognized. You must know that it is not necessary to equip your drone with a remote ID. The drone manufacturers have one and a half year to produce drones with remote IDs.

For those pilots who follow the regulations of Part 107, there are new guidelines regarding flying over people. As per the final remote ID rules, the drone operations are broken into four constituents. These constituents depends upon the weight and velocity of the drone.  The restrictions will be more strict if the drone carries more weight.

Most importantly, the final remote ID rules also have plans for the pilots who fly at night. To fly at night, you must pass the FAA’s knowledge test or complete the recommended drone training course. It will be uploaded by 6th April. Apart from that, you won’t be considered eligible by the FAA to fly at night.

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To go through more rules and regulations, simply get an overview of the Operations Over People Rule that is being discussed by the FAA.

Final Thoughts

The last of the remote ID rules are eligible for all the drone operations that require the FAA registration. This means that if your drone has a weight of more than 0.55lbs or less than 55lbs, you must get your drone registered as per the usual rules and regulations.  Most importantly, you must go through the drone rules of 21st April 2021.

This question gets asked by us more often and we have to say that it is not a necessity that your drone must be equipped with a remote ID by 21st April. It is just that the regulations imposed regarding the remote IDs will come into effect on that date. Most importantly, there is a grace period of 2 years so you can get your drone Remote-ID-compliant.

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