Russian Drone

Russian Drone has a shotgun and it’s fabulous

Grenade dropping drones have become a spectacle in the Middle East but this is something never seen before. This is a Russian drone that comes with a shotgun and it shoots down other drones, balloons or model aircrafts out of the sky.


Scary? Yes! Fascinating? Of course! The 50lbs drone can take off and land vertically and uses its Vepr-12 shotgun to shoot down its rivals. The shotgun is wielded by a second operator with a helmet who gets to control the gun via the real time video streaming and sighting system. This magnificent drone offers a flight time of 40 minutes to put the cherry on the cake.

Russian shotgun-wield drone flies for 40 minutes

JSC Almaz Antey is one of Russia’s largest defense contractors and has received a patent for this phenomenal shotgun wielding aircraft. The manufacturer started working on this machine in 2016 which was led by the Student Design Bureau of Aviation Modeling at the Moscow Aviation Institute. The drone can take off and land vertically and weighs about 50lbs. It is fitted with a 12 gauge shotgun, a fully automatic version of the Vepr-12 shotgun and flies for 40 minutes. If this is not to ruffle the feathers of a few law enforcement agencies out there, then we are not sure what really will!

Here is an interesting video which depicts the high end Russian drone indulge in a stable flight and take a successful hit at a balloon and a model aircraft. One would wonder that it would be hard to maneuver such a heavy drone along with controlling its gun but the video shows us that it is only a piece of cake. A second individual with a helmet aims and fires the gun. According to Russian sources and an article published on Jalopnik, an unmanned aircraft is also fitted with an auto follow system.

The drone was developed as part of a demonstration project by a team of students but it can be quite a harrowing thought that if such a devastating drone is produced in bulk, what havoc it may wreak. Let us know what you think about this drone by dropping a comment in the comments section below.

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