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Sky Map Partnership shows huge move for Pix4D

There has been a very interesting development regarding Pix4D in China. Due to a new partnership with Beijing Skymap Technology Co., Ltd., there is a lot of optimism in the Chinese drone market. Pix4D is one of the biggest companies associated with drone photography. This summer, they signed a deal with Beijing Sky Map Technology to become an exclusive reseller of Pix4D’s tech in mainland China.

What to expect from the Sky Map Partnership?

Beijing Skymap already has a lot of potential in the Chinese market. Its massive enterprise is working hard on software sales, service, analysis, and product development. The combination of Sky map and Pix4D is lethal, but the current deal explains that Pix4D has great credentials in China. As per this new deal, Beijing Skymap Technology will become the primary contact for Pix4D users in the location.

Sky Map

Beijing Skymap Technology is having in the spotlight for the last decade, working on numerous spiritual details and remote sensing. Therefore, the improvement in drones is beneficial to the company, as they provide project consulting, software analysis and verification, and project implementation. 


Pix4D and Sky map Technology is going to revolutionize the drone industry in China. The improvement in drones will bring benefits to those who want to use drones in any remote sensing tech, such as satellite, IoT, and GIS mapping). The clients come mainly from surveying and mapping industries, resource management, water resources, power resources, and agricultural sectors. 

Further Thoughts

“With the diversity of Pix4D’s portfolio to meet the industrial requirements like construction, agriculture, we had to push. Therefore, it was right to partner with an experienced company such as Beijing Sky map Technology Co., Ltd. This partnership will provide high-quality sales, customer service, and customization services,” a statement from Pix4D

3D Modelling

Pix4D is a huge asset in the drone photography space. It establishes software that transforms photographs taken by hand and transforms them into 2D or 3D models. 

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