DJI Expansion

How DJI expansion benefits the drone industry?

For all the drone enthusiasts, the DJI Expansion is well and truly underway. Recently, the company announced their first ever FPV drone, integrating the ready-to-fly racing drones into the drone racing community. DJI gave the name “DJI FPV” to this FPV drone, stating that this drone is ready to take off and bring the company to extravagant heights.

How DJI expansion is benefiting the FPV drone racing?

Irrespective of the DJI Expansion, sky is the limit for the FPV drone racing community.  According to the 2020 report from the Transparency Market Research, it is highly expected that the drone industry could earn close to $800 million from the FPV drone racing by 2027. Just imagine those statistics. Despite the pandemic, it looks like the drone industry is thriving.

Furthermore, DRL has already raised a lot of funds for this matter. After the first race, the Drone Racing League issued a statement saying that the pandemic has increased their viewership by 200% due to lockdown. More people in the house, more chances that they will be watching these races. They also stated that the steps taken for the DJI Expansion will only increase this viewership of theirs.

However, it remains unlikely the top-tier competitions will use the DJI FPV drone into the racing competitions. Even though this drone can fly at a speed of 80mph, it is half of the speed of DRL RacerX, which has a speed of 164mph. Furthermore, it also lacks the customization accessories that the drivers need severely to adjust the drone for their ease.

Having said that, it opens the door for numerous drone enthusiasts to make their own FPV drone. Who knows their customized drones may exceed the speed of DJI FPV.

Final thoughts

There is a very interesting year for the DJI company ahead. Obviously with the rumors surrounding the DJI Expansion, it is important for the company to take all the necessary and correct steps to get to their objective. The photography market has lost all the hype ever since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the commercial drone market has largely picked up.

Similarly, the FPV drone market is also considered to be a sleeping giant. Will the DJI company ensure that this sleeping giant wakes up and take the company to the next level? The question still remains answered in this regard. Do you feel that DJI will do something mega with this project? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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