Skydio X2 Received CES 2021 (Best Innovation Award)

Skydio X2 Received CES 2021 (Best Innovation Award)

Skydio X2 is an AI-enhanced drone that is developed for First responder and enterprise use.  This beast has received CES 2021 award. Wanna know about CES? Basically, CES is the largest consumer electronics show around the globe. It’s really fun and fascinating to see various technologies and products receiving awards.

If you have watched CES once then you might know how interesting is it to see. In 2021, the Skydio X2 drone has received the best innovation award. Wanna know more? Let’s dive deep into it:)

What are these Awards?

Basically, CES is one of the most popular consumer electronics awards around the globe that is owned by CTA (Consumer Technology Association)  A couple of experts looks at various products engineering, design, and stuff like that to finalize the best product in various categories. You will be happy to know that Skydio X2 has been awarded in the Drones category.

Make sure to ready the CEO reaction:)

We are excited and honored to receive the CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award for the X2. This award is a testament to our forward-thinking vision for autonomous drones and to the incredible work of our engineering team. The X2 delivers groundbreaking intelligence and robustness that allows professional pilots to get the job done faster, more accurately, and with greater peace of mind. Our goal is to make drones easier and safer to use than ever while opening up entirely new use cases based on autonomous flight.

Adam Bry, Skydio CEO/cofounder

Skydio X2 

Skydio X2 has a quite interesting design and has an extended flight time. Here’s what the company says about Skydio X2:

Skydio X2 is the company’s new autonomous drone for enterprise and public sector customers. Skydio X2 pairs Skydio Autonomy, an AI-driven system that gives drones the skills of an expert pilot, with a foldable, highly portable airframe that leverages hyper-strength composites to withstand the most demanding environments. X2 mounts a dual 12MP color optical plus 320×256 FLIR® thermal sensor, and is equipped with GPS-based night flight and strobe lighting, making it ready for both day and night operations, while providing up to 35 min of flight time on a single battery. X2 provides the ultimate aerial data collection solution for situational awareness, asset inspection, and security patrol. Skydio X2 is designed, assembled, and supported in the USA and it is NDAA compliant providing a higher degree of supply chain security.


Wanna know about features and other stuff have a look at the Skydio X2 trailer it will give you a glimpse.

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YouTube video

What else?

This year CES conference and awards are virtual 😞. There was hardly any other choice other than a virtual conference. I hope you enjoyed this article if you did enjoy and find it useful do share it with other drone geeks. Feel free to express your comments on Skydio X2.

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