Skyfish Lunches New Autonomous American M4 and M6 drones

Skyfish Launches New Autonomous American M4 and M6 drones

If you are a drone lover then you might have heard about skyfish drones. Famous American drone manufacturer Skyfish has recently launched their autonomous drones M5 and M4 with consolidated controllers. not only this Skyfish has also partnered with sony support A7, QX cameras in their drones.

You might have heard about skyfish in past regarding their Pilot programs with different companies. Skyfish has also been working on cellular communications projects with Bentley Systems to produce drone systems that help in the inspection of cellular towers. Here’s what skyfish CEO Dr. Orest Pilskalns says

Skyfish manufactures our own onboard computer, remote controller, carbon composite airframes, battery charging system, RTK base station, flight planning and navigation software, 3D modeling, mapping, and data analytics software. We are experts in the UAV industry and have the ingenuity and engineering talent to bring customers’ commercial drone requirements to life.

-Skyfish CEO

A closer look at Skyfish M4 and M6

Skyfsih M4 is mainly designed for photography and 3D modeling for inspection of various infrastructures. You might be amazed to know but Skfish 4 can fly up to 1hr at the highest speed of 65mps. Other thanks to sony’s partnership for 61 megapixels sharp camera with improved precision.

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On the other hand, If we talk about Skyfish M6 comes with 6 motos and a monster battery that helps to carry heavier loads. Just like its companion Skyfish M4 it also has two battery packs at 500 cycles for more capacity and tautology that help in the toughest missions.

Overall both the drones are featureful and have all the features that you’ll expect from a good drone. Moreover, both drones support LiDAR systems, payloads, FLIR sensors, and so on. For long flight times, and reliability both drones use lithium-powered batteries.

When we come across gimbals both drones use gimbals from Greasy( The ones which are used in Sony Airpeak drone). It’s good to see both the companies using the same gimbals and cameras.


When talking about controllers both the drones are using custom made controllers. Furthermore, the controllers have 2 to 3 programmable switches with 2 control sticks. A great thing about the controller is that it uses hall-effect sensors for excellent control on the drones.

What else?

Well, that’s it for this post I hope you enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share with your drone companions as sharing is caring😛. Got any thought? Feel free to express down below in the comments section we would be happy to hear your opinions. 

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