Skyfish Drones

Skyfish Drones- A great drone invention

After the success of Sony Airpeak Drones, there is another great storyline in the making regarding the drone industry. As per the recent reports, there is a US-based drone company that is working with Sony for the launching of Skyfish Drones.

A US-based drone manufacturer, Skyfish created a magnificent drone platform for the users. This is a series of drone products and gadgets. This platform comprises two drone products i.e. Skyfish M4 and Skyfish M6. The control mission and navigation panel of Skyfish drones, customer data panel, a portable battery system, and a Skyfish remote controller called C1.

Design of Skyfish Drones

Skyfish drones are created for industrial work such as infrastructural examinations. However, the best bit about this invention is the relationship of the company with Sony. Even though Skyfish drones associates with payloads and camera sensors, most of these drones are liked by the customers because of their configuration with the Sony Alpha camera series.

This is made possible by the onboard drone computer, called Skymind. Skymind communicates heavily with the Sony Alpha series, bringing through the API calls and setting the camera as per the collected data algorithms.

Features of Skyfish Drones

The features of the Skyfish drones are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive integration: The drone manufacturer is under control of the entire battery life and data algorithms of the drone.
  2. One hour of flight time: 60 minutes is considered as the longest duration for any quadcopter that carries the latest Sony Alpha series camera.
  3. Brisk deployment: These drones can be used within a couple of minutes.
  4. Mesh network: The drone manufacturer utilizes the repeater for distant talks. The distance can be 5 meters maximum.
  5. RTK configuration: This feature ensures that you have the exact location when the drone has taken off. The margin for error is very low as a result of this integration.
  6. Configured motor: This feature improves reliability within the drone.
  7. Personalized payloads: The onboard computer can communicate and control any payload related to the Skyfish drone. It supports portable devices such as USB for storage purposes so that the data can be transmitted efficiently.

Final Verdict

Skyfish drones are autonomous advanced drones created in the United States. This innovation contains an onboard computer, remote controller, airframes, and battery optimization system. All these attributes are important to the entire design of this drone. The drone manufacturer, Skyfish, stated that they support standard sensors, RTK kits, and voice notes. Furthermore, it also possesses 3D image capabilities that are essential for live broadcasting. This innovation can be beneficial in 2021. If you want to know more about this invention, feel free to drop your comments below.

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