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Traxxas Ford GT Review

Aesthetics and agility is where Traxxas Ford GT confounds its enthusiasts. If you are one of those who are wondering why the Traxxas Ford GT seems to be the exact clone of the real life Ford GT, then just to update you, this is a licensed replica of the actual racing car.

Who should buy Traxxas Ford GT?

If you are one of those on-road radio controlled cars who have been disappointed by the poor quality of products in this category, then you should get ready for some good news. As soon as you will get behind the wheel of this 1/10 on-road car, you will get to taste the pristine handling and cornering capabilities of this magnificent beast that zips through air like an arrow head.

Key Features of Traxxas Ford GT

Reliable built

On-road radio controlled cars do not presumably possess renowned reliability traits in contrast to their off-road counterparts. However, the Traxxas Ford GT is nothing like its competitors or its counterparts for that matter. All of its bolts are tight and none of them is stripped. Moreover, the gear mesh is well-built while the wheel nuts are tight as well.

Flawless turning

The Traxxas Ford GT is an ideal car for drag racers who want to get their hands on an enhanced machine with tremendous corner handling capabilities. In spite of the fact that this device does not turn as well as a top quality touring car, but you can still accomplish the stunning 180 degrees spin with it with impressive style. The chassis tends to lean a little bit while the front wheels remain stuck to the road while the vehicle is turning.

Handles on-road challenges decently

To be honest, the Traxxas Ford GT does not contain much wheel travel as is the case with other cars in this category. Having said that, it is capable of handling conventional speed bumps on the road in the same manner as other 1/10 scale cars would do so. However, when you drive it over man-holes or large pavement joints, the vehicle will kick up to the side.

Stunning on-road performance

The Traxxas Ford GT was originally designed to startle the onlookers with its flawless on-road performance and this is precisely where it does not disappoint. Just place it on the road, push the throttle and watch it speed off the road. It traction rolls only when it strikes against a rock or if it gets jammed in a corner. Otherwise, the drivers will have nothing to worry about regarding this device.

Delightful stock tires

The tires that come as default in the original packaging of Traxxas Ford GT are simply delightful. You can forget about customizing your RC car and stay with the stock tires as they have plenty of flamboyance about them. However, if you are a professional drive, then you may well get them replaced with better ones for enhanced handling and better performance.

Scintillating speeds

The Traxxas Ford GT is fitted with a 12 turn Titan engine that enables the car to attain an optimum speed of 25 mph. Just as you take it out of the box and go for a trial run, you will be amazed with its performance and top speed. However, if you are a veteran driver, you might as well get the engine replaced with a more powerful one.

Traxxas Stability Management System

The Traxxas Ford GT is equipped with the well-known Traxxas Stability Management System that lets its drivers perform some mind-blowing stunts. Nevertheless, even if you switch off the stability management system, you will still be able to enjoy an exhilarating driving experience. It is suggested not to turn the stability management system up all the way as the car may start shaking on its own.

Battery strap with a new design

You must be wondering what is all the fuss about a battery strap. Traxxas has put some innovation in this thing and made it extremely user-friendly. It does not require a body clip and does its job well of holding the batteries together even when you are driving over man-holes or pavement joints.


  • One of the most reliable on-road RC cars
  • An excellent option for drifting
  • Tremendous styling
  • Steering rim requires no adjustment
  • Full forward to reverse instantaneously


  • Unable to drive over tall grass
  • Stock servo is not fast enough for professional drivers

Customer Reviews

I have been scouring the internet to gather user reviews and also been asking racing car junkies in my neighborhood regarding their experience with Traxxas Ford GT.

Cubby from Big Squid RC believes that the car does not boast incredible brushless power but still he was able to have a time of his life while driving this car. He is of the view that the Traxxas Ford GT is extremely durable and offers solid handling and performance features.

Another customer commented that the Traxxas Ford GT is a breath of fresh air in the on-road Rc cars category. It comes fitted with nice internal and external features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Traxxas Ford GT costly?

As far as the price is concerned, this radio controlled vehicle falls in the same price range as other devices of the same category. It costs around $300 which is reasonable enough for a car of this caliber.

Does it include stock batteries?

Similar to other RC cars, it does not include stock batteries.

What size batteries should I get?

The Traxxas Ford GT is compatible with 8.4V NiMH battery or a 2-cell LiPo battery as well as a charger.

Can I purchase it?

Yes, you can purchase it from Amazon or any other online retail store.

The Bottom Line

That’s the end of the Traxxas Ford GT review. On the whole, this is a nice car that does have its drawbacks but in the end, the good qualities outweigh the bad ones. If you are someone who is wanting to make an entry into the on-road scale model scenario, this appears to be an ideal choice. Having said that, it also is a fine option for the more experienced drivers as well. I would give it a 4.5 rating out of 5.

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