This combustion engine fitted drone flies fast and long

Commercial drones available on the market are typically constrained with respect to their speed, control range and flight duration.

Generally, the more advanced drones such as the DJI Phantom 3 Pro boasts a flight time of about 25 minutes and an optimum speed of 50mph. A German enterprise, Airstier, is endeavoring to overpower these hurdles and come up with a powerful drone fitted with combustion engines instead of batteries.

A Kickstarter bid has been launched by the company that claims to produce a drone, called as Yeair, with speeds in excess of 62mph while offering a flight time of almost an hour and payload capacity of a whopping 5Kg.

The company believes that this could open up new vistas of opportunities with regard to the usage of drones such as enabling the drones to be used for capturing dramatic aerial shots with high end cameras, fly as fast as fast moving vehicles, capture action sports for longer intervals of time and transport stuff to far flung areas.

The pilots will be able to configure flight trajectories for the Yeair and the flight data could be downloaded with the help of a smartphone app. The company claims that drone will be able to travel an optimum distance of 34 miles while navigation will be facilitated by a GPS unit. The drone will be equipped with an inbuilt WiFi that connects it to a smartphone app within a range of 100 meters.

It may be noted that combustion powered drones are not easy to control in contrast to those powered by batteries. The company, however, claims that this issue has been resolved thanks to the sophisticatedly created electrically powered alternate/hub shaft which is coupled to the combustor to relate accelerations and latency values. This setup ensures stable flights just as those associated with electric drones.

The excessive power of the combustion engines should also enable the drone to sustain stronger winds while the dual engine technology provides for much needed redundancy as one of the engine has the ability to keep the drone airborne should the other malfunction.

The drone is priced on the higher end of the price spectrum with the backers being able to get their hands on this phenomenal device for €1,399. A prototype drone has been developed and the company plans to ship the Yeair drone soon enough.

As is the case with all the Kickstarter campaigns, you will be supporting an ambitious startup without any guarantees of reaping the rich dividends!


  • Weight: 9Kg empty
  • Payload: 5Kg peak load, 3Kg nominal load
  • Speed: 62mph
  • Range: 34 miles
  • Fuel:5 liter fuel tank, 25:1 gas.oil ratio with acoustic signal fuel tank
  • Engines: 6,4kW/8.6 HP optimum power. 4x 1.6kW: 1.0kW combustion engines + 600 W BLDC engines 10ccm combustion engine (two stroke with ignition), 12000 RPM self-controlled successive engine start with running control for the combustion engines 4s 1250 mA/h Lippo-Battery for starting the combustion engine. Recharging not mandatory.
  • Propeller Airscrew: 13″ x 8″ three-blade for ducted fan construction. Aerodynamic and noise optimized.
  • GPS: Next-generation GPS chip for accuracy and quick readiness for use.
  • Lights: Programmable LED Position-Light front/back in different colors.
  • Legs: Swing-up feet for better sight and more speed, manual or automatic operation.
  • Wifi: Integrated WLAN with 100m range for connection with tablet or smartphone.
  • Connections: Underbody 3x servoslots for 3-achs gimbal 1x extra servoslot for different applications. Different profiles are selectable. Power output from 4s battery. Short-circuit-proof. 14,8 V ± 4V

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