DJI Spark: All You Want To Know – Frequently Asked Questions

The DJI Spark has recently hit the shelves and it seems to be one of the best sellers to have been introduced in the market. This is certainly in line with the fact that out happens to be one of the most user friendly machines out there that is equipped with tons of smart flight features. It definitely is one of the leading devices that has been designed for the beginners or for those who do not know how to fly drone.

You can get more information about its features and specifications in following post.

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Since DJI Spark is a reasonably priced machine, people have been harbouring millions of questions about it. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the most frequently asked questions so that you may find an answer to your queries if you have any.

Without wasting any time, let’s get going!

Camera Questions 

Q: Does the DJI Spark support picture profiles?

A: No. It only captures images in the JPG format and no support has been provided for other color profiles.

Q: Are you required to tap on the screen to focus as was done with DJI Mavic Pro?

A: No. You don’t have to tap to focus with DJI Spark.

Q: Is the obstacle avoidance feature triggered in the Dronie mode?

A: No. The DJI Spark supports forward facing obstacle avoidance only. So you have to be vigilant about any potential obstacles in the path of flight in the Dronie mode.

Q: Can waypoints flight be used with DJI Spark?

A: DJI Spark does not support waypoints flight mode.

Q: Is it possible to record video with DJI Spark using gestures only?

A: No. It is only possible to capture images with the help of gestures.

Q: Can the Active Track flight mode follow objects in addition to people?

A: The Active Track mode can be used to follow all kinds of objects including people, vehicles, pets etc. The Active Track mode can be utilized as long as the the object can be easily recognized by the camera and sufficient contrast is available.

Q: Is it possible to capture images while recording a video footage?

A: No. This is not possible at all.

Q: Is it possible to capture images and record video footages without a SD card?

A: Yes. This is possible if you use your smartphone to manoeuvre the DJI Spark. During this operation, all the images and videos captured are stored directly on the smartphone’s internal storage. Having said that, the files saved on the phone’s storage are of far lower resolution in contrast to those available on the DJI Spark and are in inferior quality than can be obtained with this machine. So, we suggest you to place a SD card in the DJI Spark to get the most out of it.

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Connectivity and Range 

Q: Does your smartphone require data or cellular signals?

A: No. The device only needs WiFi signals to get activated initially and does not need it afterwards.

Q: What is the optimum range with WiFi in the urban areas? And what is the range in case of suburbs?

A: The optimum range is highly dependent on the location. You can attain a maximum range of about 60 to 70 feet depending on the amount of interference that you might receive in a certain location. In order to boost the control range, an additional dedicated radio controller is required.

Q: Can another device be used as a secondary display screen?

A: This feature is not available currently. But there are speculations that the manufacturers are planning to introduce this feature in the coming days.

Q: Does the DJI Spark provide support for Facebook live streaming?

A: This feature is only available for iOS users only at present.

Q: Does the DJI Spark provide Lightbridge connectivity?

A: The DJI Spark does not make use of Lightbridge or Occysync connectivity and transmission systems respectively. It uses the conventional WiFi connectivity.

Q: Is it possible to use the DJI Mavic Pro radio controller for the DJI Spark?

A: Since the DJI Mavic Pro’s radio controller makes use of the Occusync transmission technology which is not present in the lower end DJI Spark’s controller, it is not possible to use them alternatively.

Q: Are the DJI Goggles compatible with the DJI Spark?

A: Yes, you will be able to use them in the future but for that you will have to update for an official firmware update from DJI that will ensure that the two devices become compatible with each other. The update will be made available soon after the DJI Spark’s shipping is initiated.

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Q: How can i fly the DJI Spark using gestures control?

A: To get the drone started, a pilot is required to place it in the palm of his/her hand and double tap on the device’s battery with the machine facing towards you. Then a beep is heard and the camera in the DJI Spark identifies the pilot’s face. Soon after detecting the pilot’s face, the drone is powered on and starts to hover over a certain location, waiting for the pilot’s next instruction.

Q: How can the DJI Spark be controlled in the air?

A: While facing the drone, a pilot has to simply move the palms of his hands to the left or right and the machine starts following you. By taking a step forward and gesturing with the palm of your hand, the drone moves back. Similarly, by taking a step backwards and gesturing with the palm of your hand, the drone will follow you and start moving forward.

Q: How can the drone be retrieved back after switching on the Gesture mode?

A: To get the drone back from the gesture mode, you just have to form the shape of the English letter “V” and the drone will come down at a safe distance and can be further made to land on the palm of the hand.


Q: Is it possible to get the battery pack charged from a power bank?

A: Yes, it is possible to get the battery pack charged from a power bank via the USB port in DJI Spark.

Q: Is it possible to switch between the gesture control and smartphone modes during the flight?

A: You can take manual control of the drone as and when required. You just have to get the device connected to the WiFi via the handheld mobile device, opening the DJI Go app and begin manoeuvring the machine.


Q: Which one is the better? DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Spark?

A: This is not an easy question. It all boils down to your financial constraints and the purpose for which you intend to use your drone. If you are interested in aerial photography and cinematography, then DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Phantom 4 Pro are the best ones out there. If you are looking to get your important family gatherings, travels and other personal occasions covered, then the DJI Spark is the way to go.

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Q: In what colors is the DJI Spark available?

A: The DJI Spark is available in 5 different colors: Alpine white, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red and Sunrise Yellow. You can opt for the color you like the most.

However, you should remember that some of the colors are not available as of now. Moreover, it also depends on whether you want to buy the Fly More combo or the conventional DJI Spark.

Bottom Line 

That is it, folks! These are the important questions that I wanted to help you find an answer. If you have any more questions regarding the DJI Spark, let us know in the comments section below. Happy flying!

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