Zeus Ultra

Zeus Ultra-A Lightweight Frame

This is a phenomenal 5 inch frame which is known as Zeus Ultra. This frame boasts a weight which is less than 50g of carbon and an enhanced airflow around the arms. It is 8mm wide and 4mm thick. It has been designed and built by Optimu, a French racing enthusiast who has been flying FPV ever since its inception. It can be bought from Armattan Productions and consists of carbon fiber that is best of its kind.

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Here is what makes this frame unique:

  • Weight
  • Design
  • Aerodynamics
  • Less vibrations
  • Repair and maintenance is easy and low cost
  • Low profile
  • Camera is protected and is compatible with a wide array of camera models
  • All spare parts are available on Armattan Productions

Let’s dive into more detail:


Weight of Zeus Ultra

Weight is a critical factor when it comes to drone racing. The Zeus Ultra, with less than 50g of weight, is a great frame and boasts less inertia in contrast to its competitors.

Design of Zeus Ultra

It is a stretch frame that has more room between the front motors than the rear in order to have more control on making adjustments and modifications for racing. This design is especially suited to racing but is not an ideal choice for freestyle. The space between opposite motors is 205mm.


The arms are only of 8mm length and have designed to disturb the flow of air as little as possible in contrast to many other frames that have larger arms. Since the arms are very thin and you will have to use four in one ESC, so it enhances efficiency.

Less vibrations

Since the arms are detachable so the vibrations are less likely to make their way to the FC as compared to the unibody frames and PID configurations are easy to manipulate.

Fast and Cheap Repair and Maintenance

The arms of Zeus Ultra can get damaged in a crash but it is more preferable to break an arm rather than damaging the entire unibody frame. It is very easy to replace the broken arm while each arm replacement costs just around $8.

Low Profile of Zeus Ultra

The spacers of Zeus Ultra can be substituted by the pilot to ensure that the profile is as low as possible.

Camera is protected and is compatible with a wide array of camera models

The design ensures that the camera is protected by the bottom and top plates and most of the camera designs are compatible with the frame. The frame has been tested with HS1117, Runcam mini and Runcam micro.

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Other spare parts 

  • Kit
  • Arm (4mm)
  • Arm (5mm)
  • Middle Plate (3mm)
  • Bottom Plate (3mm)
  • Top Plate (1.5mm)
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