DIY Maintenance with Drone Spare Parts

For those of you who love and admire remote controlled airplanes and helicopters, the next big step is the unbridled world of drones. Drones are making vibes among the consumer base and have become very popular over the years. These provide a satisfying flying experience.

However, in case of any crashes or accidents, you have to surrender before your fate and determine how to fix your broken device. This why we highly recommend you to keep in store a decent supply of drone parts. Some of the drone spare parts come at high prices. But when one compares that price to the price of a new drone, here comes the reality check. It is always more judicious to spend money on drone accessories rather than going out to buy new drones all the time. Go through the following write up to learn about various drone parts you should have in your armory and how to fix small scale issues within in a matter of minutes.

Common Drone Parts for Maintenance

There are some parts of these devices that need to be replaced more often than other ones. One of the most important drone spare parts is a propeller and you should always have these in your maintenance kit. As a matter of fact, we would suggest you to keep in store numerous additional propellers or rotors since they get easily damaged. Here’s a list of drone accessories and spare parts that you should have in your workshop so that you are able to carry out drone repairs as and when required:

    • Rotors/Propellers: These get broken down very easily. It is always advisable to have them in your maintenance kit in case of crashes or accidents.
    • Gears: The gears in the propellers wear out with the passage of time and need to be replaced in due course of time.
    • Rotor Shafts: Similar to rotor gears, rotor shafts also get worn out. They can also be damaged if the rotors get broken down.


  • Batteries: After some time, your batteries cannot store enough juice in them and hence provide lesser flight time as opposed to when they were bought. Ensure that your maintenance kit always has a few extra batteries in place so that you never run out of juice. You can also go for an additional battery charger so that you always have charged batteries for replacement.
  • Propeller Guards: This is an important drone spare part. You can save plenty of bucks on buying new propellers by spending lesser money on propeller guards. They also break in case of crashes, but since they are a lot cheaper than propellers themselves, hence it is always judicious to spend money on them rather buying new propellers.
  • Extra Memory Cards: If you are using your device for aerial videography and photography, then you should keep a few memory cards in store. With this backup accomplished, you won’t have to worry about saving up space. Unlimited memory, unlimited photographs and videos.
  • Wire: The wires and cables used in drones are quite light and thin. They get easily broken. So, it is always good to have them in store for the rainy day.


Alongside drone parts, you will also be needing certain tools for getting your maintenance and repairs jobs done effectively. Here are the tools that should always remain present in your workshop:

  • Soldering Iron: Numerous broken parts will need to be soldered in place. Don’t for an expensive soldering iron. Rather, look for the one which has a fine tip since it helps you work around with tiny drone parts and thin wires
  • Wire Cutters: Wire cutters with an inbuilt stripper is the order of the day, folks. Ends of wires will need to be stripped so that you are able to accomplish your soldering tasks comfortably
  • Velcro or Double Sided Foam Tape: If you plan to attach anything such as a camera or a transmitter to your drone, you will need this tape to ensure that the payload gets safely mounted onto the drone.
  • Epoxy and Fibreglass: If the outer covering of your drone gets cracked, you will require epoxy and fibreglass to do the repairs.
  • It is always advisable to purchased drone spare parts from companies that are renowned for dealing in drones. This will assist you getting high quality drone accessories. You will also get all your required items under one roof rather than having to loiter around in your city searching for drone parts you won’t even be using. Wires and cables are ubiquitous and can be found in your nearby electronics stores.
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Drone Maintenance Tips

In order to ensure that your drone gives you its best shot whenever it is launched into the air, it is essential that you carry out some precautionary maintenance prior to each flight. Obviously, after-flight maintenance is a must. We suggest you to keep a maintenance checklist and make sure that you check every point off the list. This will ensure that your drone remains in the perfect flying condition all the time. Some of the things-to-do that should be part of your maintenance checklist include:

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Before Each Flight

  • Take a good look at your propellers for cracks or dents. Proceed with the required repairs before the flight
  • Ensure that the moving parts of the motors work perfectly. This can be checked by moving the parts by hand yourself
  • Ensure that there are no loose screws or bearings in your device
  • Power up your device and closely listen for any noises in motors that seem eccentric
  • Once a week, take a good hard look at your drone and examine it for any cracks or dents. If required, do the mandatory repairs
  • Ensure that all motor and shell-retaining screws are tight
  • Lubricate all the moving parts of motors
  • Check your batteries and recharge or replace as and when required
  • Use alcohol wipes to clean the outer covering of your device
  • If it does not void your warranty, remove the outer covering of your device and check for wires and cables
  • Also take a look at the motor to identify something sinister

Professional Repairs

With the passage of time and as you get more adept at flying and maintaining drone, you will also become expert at doing the necessary drone repairs. Having said that, there could occur a few issues that are beyond your expertise and if you try to resolve them yourself, you could end up damaging your device beyond repairs. So avoid adopting this risky path or even buying a new drone and head over to a professional who is an out and out expert in drone repairs. This will help you save lots of time and money and you will be able to enjoy your joyride soon enough.

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