5 Best RC Dragsters

As far as RC car racing is concerned, RC dragsters are the best thing that could come into your grasp. It is not an easy to task to find the best RC dragsters but fortunately enough for you, we bring to you the best RC dragsters that will blow your minds away.

The nomenclature evidently portrays what RC dragsters are meant to do. They take drag racing utilizing model cars to a whole new level. They function the same way as your conventional electric or gasoline-powered model cars but more often than not, they are equipped with additional components such as a LiPo battery to ensure that they are well-suited to racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of questions in the minds of RC car aficionados and we will endeavor to address all of them here in this post. In case you do not find an answer to one of your questions enlisted here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is meant by “RC Dragsters”?

A dragster is a car that has either been customized or built from scratch so that it can be used in a drag race.

What is a drag race?

A drag race is a short race involving real cars and is concerned with pure speed. The racing events take place on a short course that is generally up to a quarter of a mile in length. Drag racing with a RC dragster resembles a real car race but involving a shorter distance. Such a racing event is also concerned with speed and customization that has been made to the car.

What is the general speed of RC dragsters?

Generally, RC dragsters boast speeds of around 60mph to 70mph but there are others that can attain speeds in the range of a jaw-dropping 100mph. The optimum speed depends on the components and overall specifications of the vehicle.

What is the best place to race RC dragsters?

RC dragsters can be driven on virtually any surface. You can drive them in your local park, tarmac or a sidewalk in your neighborhood. Some people also equip them with all-terrain tires to conquer rough terrains such as grassy lands or rocky fields.

It all depends upon your place of residence. But there are RC draster meetups that take place every now and then in which expert as well as novice RC car enthusiasts participate. These racing events are a great medium to discovering suitable racing conditions in your vicinity.

What should I prefer? A 2WD or a 4WD?

In terms of affordability, 2WD vehicles are the way to go. They do not require lots of repair and maintenance. However, 4WD RC dragsters tend to offer enhanced maneuvering attributes and can overcome large obstacles that come in their way.

You can take a decision based upon these subtle differences. It all boils down to your personal choice, preference and requirements.

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Best RC Dragsters

There are tons of RC dragsters available that cater to drivers of various age cohorts, experience levels, expertise, preferences etc.

K’NEX Burnout RC Dragsters

Apparently, K’NEX Burnout Dragster seems to have been designed for kids but, to be honest, it is suitable to drivers of all age groups. It boasts fast speed, nimble driving characteristics and a few other exclusive features that make it popular among RC car junkies. [Currently this product is unavailable]

Features and specifications

  • Full steering wheel
  • Peel-out wheels
  • Protective nose cone
  • 27MHz radio control frequency band
  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 5.1 inches

Pros and Cons

  • The RC car kit comes with three different models that can be chosen to build a single RC dragster. The models include Burnout, Scorpion Racer and Sprint Sport
  • Supports two different frequency bands for racing two cars simultaneously
  • Powered by 9 batteries at a time which can be rather frustrating on some occasions
  • The K’NEX Burnout Dragster is one of the best RC dragsters for sale since it comes loaded with a crash gear, boasts a decent radio frequency system and can be modified into different models as and when required

Traxxas 6907 NHRA

The Traxxas 6907 NHRA is a fabulous manifestation of what Traxxas truly believe about RC cars designed for hobbyists. As a matter of fact, Traxxas holds the distinction of coining the terminology Ready to Run (RTR) that is so common these days.

Features and specifications

  • Attains speeds in excess of 70mph
  • Carries ET 2400 3s brushless motor system
  • Comes with a control switch for launch
  • Supports 2.4GHz frequency band
  • Offers stunning racing, staging and burnout modes
  • Dimensions: 27.2 x 9 x 8 inches

Pros and Cons

  • The control switch used for launch also provides the car with the much needed acceleration and traction
  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced dragster racers due to its speed and power
  • Does not include a battery and a charger in its original packaging. So, you need to buy them separately
  • The Traxxas 6907 NHRA is a phenomenal racing car that offers scintillating speed, temperament and specifications that could win you races at will

RJ Speed 2004 Pro Mod Drag Kit

The RJ Speed 2004 Pro Mod Drag Kit is a tremendous gear to build a rollicking RC dragster from scratch. It lets you innovate and customize the way you want.

Features and specifications

  • You can build RC dragsters of a scale model of size 1/10
  • The kit incorporates electronic components
  • Also comes with the spur gear and rolling chassis
  • Dimensions: 21 x 8 x 5 inches

Pros and Cons

  • The kit includes the body, rolling chassis and spur gear which is great for building a RC dragster from scratch
  • The RJ Speed 2004 Pro Mod Drag Kit is one of the best RC dragster kits available for sale on the market. It promises to offer the perfectly suited body for an electrical car that lets you modify and adjust it as per your preferences and requirements

Velocity Toys GT3 Racer

The Velocity Toys GT3 Racer is the most detailed RC dragster that you could find in a long time. It offers amazing speed, stunning specifications and a prolific driving experience.

Features and specifications

  • Boasts a high performance 15mph motor
  • Includes a 2.4GHz radio control frequency system
  • Comes with the scale size 1/10
  • You can adjust the front wheel alignment completely
  • Incorporates rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, a 6.4V 500mAh
  • Loaded with forward, backward, left and right function controls
  • Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 5 inches

Pros and Cons

  • You can replace the lightweight Lexan body enclosure as and when required.
  • Rear racing spoiler and metal pins that go into the car’s body are also replaceable
  • Wheels consist of rubber grip and are semi-pneumatic; thereby making them the ultimate option for the vehicle
  • On the whole the Velocity Toys GT3 Racer is durable but there have been reports about the wheels not staying on when driven by drivers with lesser experience and expertise
  • In terms of power, performance and build quality, the Velocity Toys GT3 Racer is one of the very best RC dragsters that you will find on the market

RJ Speed 2103 Nitro Dragster Kit

Similar to the 2004 model, the RJ Speed 2103 Nitro Dragster Kit is an excellent option for the RC car aficionados who want a solid platform to build their car on and modify it in the long run.

Features and specifications

  • The includes electronic components
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 25.6 x 4.4 inches

Pros and Cons

  • The kit includes the body only so there is nothing much to be said about the advantages and disadvantages
  • The RJ Speed 2103 Nitro Dragster Kit is a tremendous frame for the RC car fans who want to get their hands on an ideal body to start building the RC dragster of their dreams

Final Verdict

We have shared with you the best RC dragster for sale whether you are looking out for the body, full kit or the Ready to Run vehicle. RC dragsters are different from each other in certain aspects so it becomes mandatory that you are familiar with their features and specifications before you buy one. On the whole, the RC dragsters boast stunning speeds, solid bodies and are a brilliant sight to behold.

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