7 Reasons Why Drone Trek to the Arctic is Adventurous

In this post, we are going to discuss with you 7 reasons why you need to take your drone to the Arctic and indulge yourself in an adventure of your lifetime.


Zero air traffic

If you are residing near an airport, there is no way they will let you fly. Then, there are heliports in some areas and they also prohibit drone flights in their vicinity. Fortunately for us dronies, the rules that are prevalent in most countries, are not valid around the Arctic Circle. We had our drone adventure in Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge but that is accessible via a single, privately owned airstrip. This course generally has a single manned flight in a week as it transports campers. This tends to get rid of your obligation to coordinate with air-traffic control every now and then.

Stunning Landscapes

We had a great time at the Somerset Island’s Arctic Watch which is a popular beluga whale location. Beluga whales visit this location every summer to shed some skin which makes this place an exotic point to capture scintillating aerial images thanks to the relatively shallow waters.

No fear of crashing

We are generally quite cautious and circumspect while flying drones in our city because of the fear of crashing into people or into buildings for that matter. There are no trees at all in the Arctic. The number of guests is also restricted to just about a couple of dozen at a time at the Arctic Watch. Including the camp staffers, there are no more than four dozen people around; meaning thereby that you won’t have to be anxious about large crowds of people in your surroundings!

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Drone laws in Canada are simple

Based on the region in the Arctic Circle that you are flying your drone in, the possibility is that your drone flights won’t be hampered by legal hindrances. We had our adventures on the Somerset Island which is a part of Canada. Fortunately for all of us, the drone laws in Canada are quite simple. Hobbyist pilots are required to abide by logical rules such as not crossing the altitude of 300 feet, flying the drone in the line of sight, no night time excursions, staying away from sensitive installations and abstaining from flying near airports. It is also imperative that your drone is marked with your name, address and contact number.

If you fly your drone to pass quality leisure time and it weighs less than 35Kg, then no specific permission is required from Transport Canada.

If, however, you want to fly your drone for commercial or research purposes, then rules get a bit stiffened up, but on the whole they still remain simple. A Special Flight Operations Certificate and a liability insurance is needed.

24 hour long day

If you are someone who is getting the urge to fly his or her drone at 3am in the morning, then the Arctic Circle is the place to be in. The Canadian Government has formulated a rule that requires drone pilots to fly their aircraft during the day only. The Somerset Island sees 24 hour long days during summers which means you can fly your drone anytime you want.

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Unique Experience

Have you ever captured a follow-me aerial image of a biker on sea ice? Have you ever explored a hitherto hidden valley? The landscape in the Arctic is simply breathtaking while the adventures that are awaiting you will blow your mind away. If you travel with a group or some expedition, all your preparations will have been made beforehand and you simply have to appear on the designated day with your aircraft for the time of your lives. Scrumptious food will also be there in the offing!

Surreal Landscapes

Have you gotten bored of capturing urban city life with your drone? The landscapes at the Somerset Island are jaw-dropping. It is quite grim and seems similar to Mars. You will come across unique patterns in the foliage growing on valley walls. The sea ice, pointed cliffs, wide plains and it is never-ending. All this is so unreal!

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