Mapping and Analysis

An Articulate Guide for Agriculture Drone Mapping

With the help of drones, modern-day farmers can get an up-close look at their fields and get an enhanced yield. Contemporary precision agriculture and agriculture mapping are a great way to improving your crop yield and minimizing operational costs. This post is geared towards providing in-depth insight into agricultural mapping and analysis. In this post, we will be discussing the primary features that should be a part of the top software dedicated to agriculture drone mapping and analysis.

Important Considerations for Drone Mapping and Analysis

Before purchasing a drone mapping software for agriculture, you should be familiar with its features and the aspects that you should be looking for.

Data is collected through sensors with the help of agriculture drones. DJI drones are the best choice for farmers who own land lesser than 100 acres. By connecting the NDVI sensors to these drones, you can expect to get the best results.

Every drone mapping software has three basic functionalities:

  1. Data collection
  2. Data processing and creation of interactive maps
  3. Data sharing

Numerous software vendors who are working on precision agriculture are offering products as software as a service and hosted on cloud storage. So, the farmers only need to upload the requisite data and get access to mapping and analysis that are intuitive and easy to comprehend.

Best Software for Agriculture Drone Mapping and Analysis

Here are the leading software for agriculture drones:

Pix4d Pix4dAg

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Pix4d are the entrenched market leaders in providing state of the art drone mapping and aerial imaging solutions. When it comes to precision agriculture, they offer the best products that are compatible with all the high-end drones and specifically designed for agriculture drones. SenseFly is also supported by the products engineered by Pix4d.

Mapping and Analysis

Drones Deploy Field Scanner

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This is a real-time mapping and analysis software that boasts an intuitive and uncluttered user interface and allows automatic flight planning. It lets the user detect potential threats with the help of NDVI maps and other sophisticated analysis tools.

This software integrates with more than 30 apps and farm management systems.

Mapping and Analysis

Precision Hawk Precision Mapper

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This is yet another prolific software for precision agriculture that comes with an on-demand library for analysis tools. It is available as a cloud-based solution as well as a desktop version.

Mapping and Analysis

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Sentera AgVault: Mapping and Analysis software

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This is also a top-quality software engineered for precision agriculture mapping and analysis that comes bundled with all the same features that are part of the leading software such as Pix4D and Drone Deploy. The manufacturer also offers a cluster of sensors for data collection for NIR, NDVI and NDRE.

Mapping and Analysis

BotLink Mapping and Analysis software

High-resolution maps are created by BotLink Mapper that include vegetation index maps and terrain maps that assist in exploring the wet and dry areas in the farmland.

Mapping and Analysis

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