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Applications of Aerial Photography


Aerial Photography is one of the best versatile and extensively used forms of photography. It has a lot of applications from which some are not even thought of. Aerial photography can capture images from all over the world accurately and provides an invaluable asset in multiple industrial, agricultural applications, military, and even film production. So, if you are thinking about new advanced applications of aerial photography tweet us about your response. Further in this blog, we are going to highlight the most famous applications of aerial photography and its uses briefly.

Aerial Photography And Videos In The Tourism Industry

For tourism, aerial photography is used to capture the fascinating detail of different locations above the aerial shots are suitable for showcasing a particular area to attract more and more visitors and tourists.

Aerial Photography And Video In The Event Industry

It can be used in the event industry where its applications range from security and crowd monitoring at big events or functions to taking elaborate aerial images of concerts, wedding festivals, and different multiple functions as a unique way to remember the celebrations.

Aerial Photography For Property And Housing Segment

Aerial photography provides a creative, new, and attractive perspective of a property and even gives an excellent preview for the potential homebuyers and investors, stockholders searching for properties in person as well as those who only be exploring sites online. While numerous imaginable uses in the property world, one of the significant applications gaining the most traction in this segment is with estate agents, wanting a good way to appeal to valuable sellers.

Aerial Photography For Construction Industry

Construction aerial photography is another widespread application used for construction and infrastructure surveys. This application has a bird’s eye view of land and structures and provides detail on progressions or changes to a site that is not visible from the ground level. The use of drones in the construction industry has become more accessible as their cost has reduced significantly. 

Aerial Photography For Film And TV Industry

The entertainment industry is also getting multiple advantages from the vast capabilities of aerial photography to aid in TV shows and film production. As we know that cinematography is not a new concept for filmmakers but still they are finding unique ways to employ exciting technological advances. For example, drones can easily enhance the storytelling process by using powerful imagery to create breath-taking and sensational dramatic scenes. In contrast, large cranes and helicopters were used for the storytelling approach and aerial photography in old days and this work was only possible for those who had a big budget production but now the world has changed. Using drone technology became legal in 2014 and now aerial photography has become accessible to filmmakers to enhance their productions. 

Have You Any Idea  About The First Country To Fit reconnaissance Aircraft?

Technology has become advanced since enabling the use of drones for multiple purposes from intelligence, scanning borders for potential threats, and also carrying out accurate mapping. Aerial photography is used by the military since the first world war where Germany was the only country to fit reconnaissance aircraft with advanced cameras to capture images and make videos of enemy maneuvers and defenses.

There is a range of applications of aerial photography have been developed in different sectors and businesses and it is worth investing in drone footage to develop your business to the next level. Contact us to explore the best ways you can put technology to use and get desired outcomes in tourism, entertainment industry, property and housing initiative, construction, TV and filmmaking industries, and so on.