Real estate agents can use drones for aerial photos

If you are a real estate agent, do you want to use drones for aerial photos? Or do you want to integrate drones for photography skills? There won’t be a better way to showcase your swimming pool or lawn. Maybe, you have the intention of showcasing your photography skills at a beach or a specified location. Aerial photography is an ideal way for the real estate agents to use the drones.

Can real estate agents use drones for aerial photos?

drones for aerial photos

If a real estate agent is looking to become a drone pilot, there is good news for you. However, you must know that it is a journey. If you want to use drones for aerial photos, you must have the Remote Pilot Certificate directed from the FAA. This is most commonly known as the drone pilot certificate.

This certificate mandates that any person who is using drones for aerial photos must have certifications regarding it. You can get that by getting passing marks from the in-person written exam. It has 60 MCQs and is conducted across 700 testing centers in the United States.

However, if you don’t have the previous aerospace knowledge, this test can be difficult for you to pass. This is where you must take the Part 107 online training course to upgrade your knowledge.

Final Thoughts

If the real estate agents think that they can follow the FAA rules to use drones for aerial photos, it may not be enough for them. Once you do the photography, it is important to market them and sell them. The potential drone buyers do not care about your certificates or qualifications.

If you want to take your aerial photography skills to the next, you must take the online drone photography course like Drone Launch Academy’s Aerial Video A to Z. This course covers all the aspects of drone photography such as the editing and speeding up procedures.

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