Brendan Schulman Pursuits Boston Dynamics

It looks like Boston Dynamics hunted a big fish from DJI. Regardless of its future success, you cannot ignore that they are making gigantic strides from the rest of the companies. Brendan Schulman, most recently working as a DJI’s Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs, has left his job. On Friday (10th September 2021), he decided to step down from his role in DJI. Schulman’s next job will be the Vice President of Policy & Government Relations in his new company

What to expect from Schulman’s new role in Boston Dynamics?

“When I started my advocacy, drone rescues were “illegal.” We have come a long way!” Schulman in his tweet

Brendan Schulman shared this tweet on Friday, the day he left DJI for Boston Dynamics. In this year, the drone makers prioritized remote ID, drone flights, and recreational rules, such as knowledge testing. Now, we are at a point where we have all the tools to get the drone industry flourishing to the maximum potential. Moreover, we can also attract global opportunities to ensure that our drones start producing considerable results. 

Boston Dynamics

Schulman won’t leave out the drones entirely from his plans. Boston Dynamics also has a huge input on robots of all kinds and has a strong connection with the drone industry. Recently, the company created build machines that can estimate the agility of human beings and animals, including that exciting parkour robot. Spot, one of its most popular robots, also can balance itself, which is why it can walk steadily across numerous terrains. 

Nowadays, Boston Dynamics are partners with DroneDeploy for the usage of 360 Walkthrough software. There are also reports that Hyundai is starting to make its way into the drone industry. It has its own Urban Air Mobility Division, which would develop drone traffic management technology.

Evolution of Brendan Schulman 

Earlier in his career, Brendan Schulman used to tweet about the legal side of the drone through his personal Twitter account, @Dronelaws. After that, he joined DJI. Fast forward a few years, he has become one of the biggest names to depart from DJI in the past year. However, the new Boston Dynamics employee wasn’t the only one to make the headlines.

Brendan Schulman 

Romeo Durscher, who recently worked as a DJI Senior Director of Public Safety Integration, announced that he will be leaving DJI after 6 years. A few days later, Cynthia Huang, DJI Director Of Business Development, announced that he was leaving the company as well after three years. He took on a new job as a Vice President of Enterprise Business Development at Auterion. 

Nowadays, you can expect to see activity on his social media account. However, Brendan Schulmann, now a new employee at Boston Dynamics, owns a new account i.e. @Robotpolicy. That account is more relevant to his new role. You can follow all his tweets on this account. 

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