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Hyundai studying drone traffic management

Hyundai is a Korean automobile giant that has gained a lot of attraction across the globe. Now, the company has Urban Air Mobility Division, which enables them to develop drone traffic management innovations. ANRA Technologies researches these innovations as they have a partnership with Hyundai. It is one of the greatest UTM (unmanned traffic management) providers in the world as they provide end-to-end drone operations for the rest of the companies. 

The future of drone traffic management technology

Recently, Hyundai and ANRA intend to create an operating environment regarding unmanned vehicles, which will attract opportunities for advanced infrastructure plans. Pamela Cohn, from the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group, says that they are pleased to be studying drone traffic management technology. 

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Hyundai is looking forward to integrating AAM into the current airspace. As an established mobility solution, the experienced companies must work together in a partnership to develop an AAM eco-system. This includes the important digital and physical infrastructure. 

Before the ANRA partnership, Hyundai did contact Uber Elevate in 2020 regarding the drone traffic management innovations. Hyundai formed Uber Elevate in 2020 to form Uber Air Taxis for the potential aerial rideshare network. By creating a partnership, the team displayed a full-scale aircraft concept at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 

This development made Hyundai the first automotive company to come to terms with the Uber Elevate initiative. Although, Uber offloaded their air taxi enterprise for another organization. That company was Joby Aviation. It remains to be seen that how does this development pan out for the rest of the drone companies. 


Hyundai is not a stranger when it comes to innovations like drone traffic management. Moreover, the company got a controlling interest in Boston Dynamics from SoftBank. Considering its development skills, it has massive credentials regarding the development of mobile and agile robots. This experience enables the workers to capture data from building interiors frequently or collect close-up photographs for build inspections.  

What do you make of this development? Do you feel that a fleet of flying cars is good for drone business? If you do, make sure to share your thoughts below.

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