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Delivery drones of wind company found

The sister company of Google, Wind have found something up their sleeves. Their delivery drones seemed to have been captured in the wild, if you wanna call the Australian Park office as wild.  From a Facebook of Alexander Watson Home Insulation, they captured an actual drone of delivery working at its full potential.

Post related to the wing delivery drones

In the Facebook post, there is a video of wing delivery drones when it is lowering a package to the ground, and it looks to be an item from the parking lot. There is another video shared by them in the comment section which covers the entire spectacle regarding it.

That is an overview of the Wing delivery drones, that never reached touched the land of drone locations. Instead, these drones move down vertically until about 23 feet from the ground. Afterward, they lower the packages simultaneously.

In the video, there are images of Wing’s initial business park drones. Rather than the office employees going to get the lunch on foot in their offices, the delivery drones enable the employees to have creative options to ensure that the food is delivered to them by just a couple of remote control buttons of these drones.

According to the Wing chairman, they are working hard to expand the workplace delivery zones across Australia. It remains to be seen when they will have a breakthrough in this regard.

Final Thoughts

The Facebook post regarding wing delivery drones couldn’t have come at a better time for the company itself. It has come at a time when the wing was genuinely silent about its progression regarding drones. The company has been extremely busy since its initiation in early 2020. However, they made significant strides once the COVID-19 pandemic began, generating a lot of orders and feedbacks in March till May. As the company also are partners with FedEx, they have stated that since the pandemic, they have also integrated household essentials such as baby food as part of their ingredients.

What do you feel about the success of the Wing Company? Do you see a future of their delivery drones? Let us know below.

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