DJI Goggles Review with Mavic Pro

DJI has astounded us with their fantastic DJI Goggles this week. They had numerous other surprises in store for us in the form of their new VR headgear at the NAB show in Las Vegas. 

We all know that the VR gear industry is expanding rapidly. DJI endeavored to develop products specific to drone usage but have ended up producing compatible alternatives to other headsets out there. Expanding the horizons of immersive FPV experience for drones, DJI have loaded a plethora of exciting features in their new product including dual 5-inch monitors, a battery lifespan of 6 hours and flexible connectivity.

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Once you pick the goggles up, they appear to be quite bulky and heavy. However, in reality they are only moderately heavy. Due to the marvels of engineering, these are one of the most lightweight headgear you would have gotten the opportunity to put on your head. Immaculately placed padding and a novel approach to weight-bearing ensure that the DJI goggles are easy to wear and comfortable to put on.

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If you do not know then let me share with you that I wear glasses. The DJI goggles were the first VR gear I had no issue with while putting them on.

As will be the case with some of you out there, the high nose-bridge tends to make it difficult to align certain screens-for-the-force. If everything else gets adjusted appropriately, a yawning gap at the bottom is left that lets enough of light to enter and spoil the immersive FPV experience. According to Joshua Vergara, the DJI Goggles are similar to the Sony Goggles. However, in my personal experience I have not yet used those goggles and am yet to come across any head gear as comfortable as that of the DJI.

Now you know that I am biased towards the DJI goggles simply because of the ease and versatility they offer.

Most of the head gear available on the market have a weakness that tends to be a hurdle to entry. It is not possible for everyone out there to purchase a phone that is branded and is of the highest calbire. Similarly, it is also not possible for people to spend money on a full VR rig and a top quality personal computer. I believe that the DJI Goggles have been able to provide alternatives for a number of choices. They definitely have been designed for drone FPV experience, but they can also be used as display for virtually any kind of media.

HDMI is an impeccable display connection port. Despite the fact that it is not the full size connection port, the Goggles include an input port in the family. Here’s what all this stuff really means: DJI goggles can be a television screen, a video game monitor, a theatre for your home cinema or obviously could be used to provide scintillating drone flying experience.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer using the goggles as a monitor connected to my DSLR camera or as a display unit attached to my smartphone. You will have to explore the compatible Android powered device to connect these goggles to but Android Authority can help you out in this regard.

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The pair of High Definition display panels with appropriate level of brightness furnish the effect of a 216 inch Television screen that is placed quite close to a viewer. Moreover, the fact that you can connect upto two people into the flight is another attractive feature of these goggles. While showing off the captured video footage, I often face this question that why was the camera not pointed towards a certain direction. Putting the Virtual Reality head gear on the heads of my audience ensures that they are able to see whatever they want and I do not have to deviate from my flight path or have to compromise on security.

A user can either use the DJI Goggles to enrich their FPV drone flying experience or he can try out the head-tracking tools. This is the flight mode that you can view in the video given above. In this mode, the drone’s camera gimbal moves in the direction in which the head of the person wearing the goggles moves, twists or turns. What’s more, the Goggles wearer can even play around with the yaw of the drone since the DJI Mavic Pro spins in a circle similar to the movement of the headgear. This technology comes with its benefits and disadvantages. However, for that we will have to carry out a few diagonostic test flights and see for ourselves.

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