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Drone Pilot Ground School Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

We wish drone pilot ground school a happy fifth birthday and all the best for its future. Five years may seem a short span considering you are associated with kindergarten, but it is time-consuming in the drone department. In these five years, the school has established massive credentials. Fast forward, and it’s been five years since the school got opened. 

The story so far with the drone pilot ground school

The school does a lot more for its drone community than just the forums. It offers free FAA recreational drone tests, appropriate flying guides, and more. However, it is more popular because of its online Part 107 training course. Although the course usually is worth $299, on the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the value is down to $192. The sales began on Friday (July 30th) and ended on Thursday (5th August).

Drone Pilot Ground School

After five years of its opening, we can safely say that drone pilot ground school has become a gigantic institution. Until now, the school supported 30,000 students as they passed the Part 107 drone test. The students usually pass this test on the first attempt. The reason is that the Part 107 online training course has a 99% pass ratio within its respective students. If you want to be part of this school, make sure to register yourself for this drone test and blossom in the drone world. 


The contribution of drone pilot ground school in these five years is more than what you think. It is offering college-level scholarships for students and offered an online test preparation enrollment fee. Moreover, it offered drone flight training classes for many drone enthusiasts in the region. 

In the recent announcement, the school can reach more than just commercial pilots. It can reach recreational drones as it is now an approved TRUST (Recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety Test) administrator. You can check out the five-year anniversary sale on their website. 

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