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Complete Guide of Glow Plug Igniters for RC Cars

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Glow Plug Igniters

There are tons of glow plug igniters available on the market. There are several things to take into account when purchasing a good quality glow plug igniter. It has to be the one that gets charged up easily and the one that comes with a charger instead of being battery-operated is a preferable choice.

The durability of the device along with its compatibility is a couple of important factors that should be given ample consideration. We have compiled this list to make your choice easier and bring to you the best glow plug igniters for RC cars.

Before going towards glow plug igniter RC cars or vehicles, we would like to answer all related questions that come to mind when you go through the glow plug such as can you start a nitro engine without a glow plug and what do you understand about Nitro engine? Do you have any idea regarding how Nitro engines use glow plugs?

Best Glow Plug Igniters for RC Cars

Dynamite LiPo

Glow Plug Igniters
Glow Plug Igniters

The Dynamite LiPo glow plug igniter boasts a capacity of 1200mAh and is one of the best high performing devices available on the market. It comes bundled with a charger while the blinking LED indicates when the glow plug is ready to use. If the plug is shot, the LED glows red.

  • Capacity of 1200mAh
  • Comes with a LED indicator
  • Charger is compatible with all glow plugs

The only downside that can be associated with this device is that the LED tends to malfunction. Having said that, this is not that big of an issue and has not been reported by an overwhelming number of consumers.


Glow Plug Igniters
Glow Plug Igniters

This is a slightly expensive glow plug igniter that promises to offer exceptional performance. It provides support for radio controlled vehicle toys and has the ability to power their engines in an efficient manner. The device is powered by a single AA battery which makes it an affordable choice in the long run and rather user-friendly as well. Here is a list of CR123A batteries that you can think of purchasing.

  • Operated with a single AA standard battery
  • Comes bundled with nitro engine starter tools
  • Compatible with any RC car

On the whole this is a handy product. However, it tends to drain the battery at a slightly higher pace than desired.

ALEKO 80101

Glow Plug Igniters

It is a top notch glow plug that is good at what it has been designed to accomplish. The glow plug igniter comes bundled with a charger that allows quick charging. The igniter offers high performance.

  • Comes with a 3,000mAh capacity NiCd battery
  • The battery is rechargeable
  • The charger provides an output voltage of 3.0V and current of 250mA

The glow plug igniter is placed at a higher point on the price spectrum in contrast to its competitors but it is a handy device on the whole.

Team Associated 1738 Factory Team

Glow Plug Igniters
Glow Plug Igniters

This is one of the best glow plug igniters for RC toys. The plug comes integrated with a meter that indicates the working condition of the plug. The battery is rechargeable while the glow plug comes bundled with a Sub-C battery and AC wall charger.

  • Fits securely
  • Comes with a Sub-C battery that is rechargeable
  • AC wall charger is included in the original packaging

The only drawback associated with this device is that the meter does not indicate the battery percentage. On the whole, it is top quality device.

Jrelecs No. 5

Glow Plug Igniters
Glow Plug Igniters

It is an affordable and user-friendly device that offers top quality performance. The glow plug igniter is compatible with RC cars, aircrafts and other RC toys. It is easy to use and is battery operated which means that you won’t have to wait for it to get charged up before you are able to use it.

  • No charging required
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Designed particularly for RC toys
  • Reliable and long lasting

The device has received positive reviews by thousands of satisfied customers. The device tends to drain the battery quicker than one would like to but overall it is a nice bargain.

Hobbico Standard Hot-Shot

Glow Plug Igniters
Glow Plug Igniters

It is yet another top quality glow plug igniter that does its job remarkably well. It is compact in size and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. It is highly portable and easy to store. The device comes bundled with a charger so you will not have to waste your money on purchasing batteries.

  • Compact in size and light in weight
  • Reliable, fast and safe
  • Comes bundled with AC charger

The Hobbico glow plug igniter is a wonderful device that has received plaudits from its satisfied clients. There have been reports that the device takes more than 12 hours to get charged up which can be considered as a bit of downside. Having said that, it is an issue that has not be faced by too many.

Redcat Racing

Glow Plug Igniters
Glow Plug Igniters

This is a top-notch glow plug igniter that comes with a charger in its original packaging and is extremely easy to use. It does its assigned task well and is a reliable device.

  • Bundled with a charger
  • User-friendly

The device has received positive feedback from customers. However, some of them feel that it is not long-lasting; which is a view not held by too many.

Glow Plug Igniter RC Car

There are so many glow plug igniters available in the market in different price ranges having amazing attributes, quality, and specifications so let’s discuss them one by one.

Nrpfell Glow Plug Starter Igniter:

This is an upgraded version of the Nrpfell brand having 6V-24V electronics, especially for the HSP Nitro RC Car. It can easily work on Lithium batteries and other batteries also. When you connect it with electricity it lights up quickly. This glow plug is very easy to use and you don’t need to charge it for a long time.

ATIN Glow Plug Igniter:

This glow plug is designed for HSP RC Nitro Glow 1800mAH Plug charger. This ATIN glow plug igniter is portable, very light-weighted, very convenient, and available in high quality. This igniter is best for HSP Redcat ⅛ 1/10 nitro car. Its durability will amaze you and work efficiently without taking much time. It comes with a 1.2V 1800mAH Ni-Cd battery with a charger.

Goliton Hot 1/10 Nitro Engines RC Car N4 Spark Glow Plug 70117:

This N4 Spark Glow Plug 70117 is suitable for HSP Himoto Redcat Traxxas. This is made up of alloy steel and uses 5% to 4% Nitro fuels. Its height is about 16mm and Hex is 8mm. It is cheaper compared to other glow plug igniters for RC cars.

RUIZHI 3Pc N3 Glow Plug:

It is another type of glow plug HSP 70117 and its super duty spark engine parts for Nitro car Truck Buggy. It is manufactured with high-quality steel materials and has a prolonged working life. It has a compact size that’s why it does not occupy much space in any bag. You can carry it easily and enjoy its durability and efficiency as well. It is best for ⅛ 1/10 ratio cars and vehicles with 5% to 40% nitro fuel engine just like ships, methanol cars, trucks, and airplanes. Its solid steel prevents oxidation.

Drfeify RC Car Igniter with 6V-24V electronic Glow plug:

You have a good choice to take this plug igniter designed for Nitro RC car engine which gives you a pleasant experience and unforgettable car journey with enthusiasm. This igniter uses a 6V-24V battery or any other battery as well and it requires a 500-5000 mA current for running an RC car. By using batteries you can easily install and operate it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you know about Nitro Engine?

Nitro engine is known as nitro or nitromethane, it is a complete mixture of fuel that operates the RC cars and vehicles or it is a tiny combustion engine that needs the energy to ignite the fuel.

Why does Nitro Engine use Glow Plugs?

Just like a diesel engine, a nitro engine also needs to have a combination of hot air and fuel to start quickly without wasting time and this is impossible without a glow plug. Glow plug helps to transfer heated air and fuel. By doing this nitro engine works efficiently in the proper manners and provides great results.

Can you make and start your Nitro Engine without a glow plug?

Nitro Engine Without A Glow Plug

If you want to start a Nitro Engine without a glow plug then you must keep in mind such four options to fulfill your desire. Options are given below.

Build your DIY Glow Igniter:

For making your DIY glow igniter you need to have these important supplies.

  • A cordless drill that should be at least 12 volts and drill must be completely charged to start RC.
  • You must have a 12mm socket along with a matching bit.
  • You need at least 7 inches long a flexible bit extension.
  • One AA battery is required and you can charge some extra batteries to carry on your work.
  • An electrical tape should be there.
  • Two alligator clips are required with wire from which one should be black and another one should be white.

Assembling A Glow Plug:

For assembling a glow plug you need to connect two nails to one side of the AA battery and connect and set your bit in the drill. On each nail end you must place one alligator clip and now connect the black color wire with the plug housing and red wire to your car or vehicle. At the lat connect drill on your RC and start the drilling task.

Pull Start Lawnmower:

RC starts functioning when you pull the starter cord but it is the least likable option nowadays. There is a drawback like when the engine becomes cold then you require multiple pulls to run your RC.

Get Yourself a Starter Box:

A bump start or starter box is another good option to make a nitro engine without a glow plug. You don’t need to attach a starter box to your RC. All you need to do is lower your RC and connect to the flywheel. That’s why it is called Bump Start.

Electric Start To your RC:

Electric start comes in the shaft and onboard design in which onboard ignites engine and glows plus and the shaft works like mimics and firing up your engine. You can try this too with safety and a present mind.

Watching Something Get Done:

This is another best option to follow. By watching different methods you have the choice to pick options and practice and follow them to your RC and enjoy your RC car without a glow plug.

What are some tips for starting your engine? Mention them.

There are two top best tips for starting an engine.

  1. Warm-up your engine for example heating blanket to keep your engine warm for starting a new race.
  2. Give your vehicle a push to restart

Final Verdict

We hope that you would have gained sufficient information about the best glow plug igniters for RC cars through our post. In case you have other suggestions or you want to share your experience with us, do not hesitate to comment in the comments section below.