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Looking into the best indoor drone for real estate agents

Next, we will talk about the best indoor drone recommended for real estate agents using the first-person view (FPV). If we were to make a choice, we will recommend you an FPV drone that can fly indoors and around tight spaces. Most importantly, it must be able to fly across homes for real estate reasons.  

Best indoor drone for real estate agents

There are numerous FPV drones in the drone market today. However, most of them are associated with racing. They can travel at high speeds or move in different patterns. Unfortunately, they are unable to produce any high-quality videos that are essential for real estate videos.

The iFlight Protek35 3.5

iFlight Protek35 3.5 is the best indoor drone recommended for real estate agents. You can use it being a beginner or a pro, and its dimensions are small enough to move past the doorways for fly-throughs. It can carry any action camera that you like, such as GoPro 9 and DJI Osmo Action. Considering its 5k resolution, GoPro 9 will be a superb choice as it uses innovative video stabilization to improve your video.

best indoor drone

iFlight Protek35 3.5 integrates with the DJI HD FPV system, which launched two years as a ‘digital ecosystem’ of numerous drone inventions. However, even the best indoor drone has a few deficiencies. Your GroPro 9 will not be able to integrate with the drone. Therefore, you cannot maintain the camera during drone flights. It reduces your drone’s battery life. 

Once you can account for not just the drone cost, but also the action camera and DJI HD FPV System, you are looking at an expensive reading. However, if you can afford it, you better get it. 


The best indoor drone for real estate agents is not necessarily associated with FPV. You must ask yourself the reasons behind your requiring FPV. If you manage to find out, then iFlight Protek35 3.5 is the drone to look at. If not, you can also look at DJI Mini 2, which is beneficial for flying indoors. 

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