Indoor Drones

Tips to fly a Drone Indoors

No doubt that drones will easily become a hobby that will cost you a lot of money in the long term. In simple scenario Indoor Drone is like a mobile phone having in your pocket. However, before you undertake to buy a stylish drone for fun whenever you go outdoors, it is best to first invest in indoor drones. 

See, indoor drones serve a very simple purpose mainly that is to start primarily with the whole idea of drone flying and having fun with them. Of course, you may have heard people suggest that you can’t do anything with an indoor drone — it’s better not to listen to them. That’s because you can do a lot of fun things in your home. 

If you use your imagination, the sky is the limit. Indoor drones also called Nano drones are designed primarily to be compact, easy to control, and fun to use. These are not as voluminous as their key equivalent, which makes it simple to use and handle. 

Therefore, it’s a smart option to start with budget-friendly indoor drones rather than purchasing a thousand-dollar model. You will become acquainted with and acclimatized with many drone features, get seamless monitoring of how to fly and control them inside the home, and become a professional in no time. 


Small Indoor Drones/Nano Drones/Quadcopters Features

In the case of small indoor drones, you may have heard of mini-quadcopters that caught the market in the tempest. These are compact in size, frames are also very small, fun to handle and easy to maintain, as the name suggests. 

Moreover, as opposed to other drones such as Spark, Phantoms, small quadcopters are easy to use, but not that fast, for speed and agility. It should be noted, however, that almost all mini-drones such as mini-quadcopters have the same set of features. But don’t confuse yourself with small drones Vs Racing Drones (they are also small but remember they are super agile, sometimes their speed are faster than big drones such as Mavic)

Having this in mind, all the characteristics that make a small quadcopter different from the rest are: 

  • They are Agile
  • Small in Size
  • Easy to Handle
  • Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Fly
  • Integrated with Radio Reciever
  • Rotor Blades are small but motors are super powerful
  • Instantly Chargeable (You can charge easily with a portable charger too)

Let’s Discuss Why You Must Need Indoor Drones Now 

At first, you do not realize what you can do with indoor drones. There is no doubt, however, that there are some really cool things you can do with these drones.  The fact about these drones is they are integrated with a lot of features the big drone has. Here are some of the best things you can do with an indoor drone: 

Start Video Blogging (V-logging )

Video blogging or vlogging or v blogging is the trend of the 21st century and especially when it comes to Social Media, everyone is posting a video with these nano drones, small drones you can instantly create 360-degree video and can post it on your channel to give more insight to your subscribers. 

You will make an HD video of yourself with children’s drones when you upload a YouTube video. Without being a slave or stuck to a web camera, you can show your thoughts, what you do to enjoy, your backyard, and hundreds of items in different ways. 

Train Yourself Towards Professional Drones or Racing Drones

Another great advantage and justification to use indoor drones are that you can start preparing for bigger drones. Indoor drones isn’t a simple cookie – it takes a lot of time, crashes, mishaps, natural scenarios (such as wind direction, snowy conditions). 

With drone flights, you need a lot of control. The best way to get acquainted with the flight dynamics of a drone is to use a mini-drone. 

Fly These Small Beasts without worrying Weather Conditions

Please do note, these drones are not waterproof, however as stated they are specifically for indoors, you can fly them indoors without worrying about any weather conditions, day and night. You can train yourself on your bed and can participate in drone events happening around the globe every year.

Fun Smile Train

Indoor flying drones is just fun. You can mess with your kids, play with your pets, and capture your mother’s cooking in real me, and hundreds of items, plus the end result is practice makes you perfect.

Indoor Drones are Smart

All in all,, indoor drones are pretty smart, and with them, you can do a lot. It is important to note, however, that you have to get the one that meets all your requirements and specifications. For example, if you live in an apartment, you will need to get a smaller than normal drone, or you can choose a somewhat larger model if you live in a big house.

Have you ever thought of even flying a drone indoors? Do you think it is dangerous or it can get monotonous? This post is geared towards sharing with you the reasons that should compel you to fly a drone indoors, how to choose an appropriate aircraft and how to make drone flight indoors a whole lot more fun and entertaining. Moreover, you will also get to know how indoor flying can hone your overall flying prowess.

Skills for indoor flying

Indoor Drones

The first question that springs to one’s mind is whether a newbie should at all try to fly a drone indoors or not. Of course, it is safe to fly outdoors in wide open space. This is true but it can be a judicious idea for a newbie to fly a drone indoors provided the surrounding environment is configured appropriately and a right aircraft is chosen.

Getting to know how to fly a drone manually can be a huge asset. As a matter of fact, it may be advantageous to begin to practice drone flying in the calm of your house rather than stepping outside where you are restricted by tons of rules and regulations.

Why indoor flying?

What is all the fuss about indoor drone flights when all the fun lies outside? Here are a few reasons that should lure you towards indoor flights:




  • No fear of violation of the law of the land or injuring a human or an animal

Indoor drones flying enables you to avoid harsh weather conditions. Similarly, when you are associated with real estate photography, indoor flights allow you to capture stunning photographs of the inside features of property listings.

And if you are someone who believes that all the fun lies outside then you might be wrong as with appropriate setup, you can have seriously competitive fun with your fellow drone pilots indoors.

For instance, set aside all the furniture in the room along with the delicate pieces of decoration. Set up an obstacle course consisting of simple rings attached to the ceiling at varying lengths and elevations. This is a great way to hone your flying skills inside your house while the weather is inclement outside.

Here is a super fun idea!

This video depicts an obstacle course contest between a wife and her husband.

There is no limit to the ways you can enjoy your indoor flights.

Choosing the right aircraft

Nano drones which are equivalent to the size of a coin and micro drones that can comfortably fit in the palm of your hands are ideal for indoor flights. However, for real estate photography and other such tasks, a drone that is able to carry a camera is required and such drones are larger in size in contrast to nano and micro drones.

Hobbyists and newbies should opt to purchase nano and micro drones. A small sized drone is ideal for indoor flights.

A nano quadcopter is a perfect choice for indoor flights and obstacle courses. Having said that, the smaller a drone, the harder it is for it to tackle strong winds. So, a nano drone is not at all suitable for outdoor flight adventures.

What is really fantastic about these drones is that if you are not looking to fly outdoors or capture stunning aerial imagery, you can get away by purchasing the low cost compact sized drones engineered for indoor flights.

In addition, you may also think of purchasing stuff such as:

  • Additional propellers and propeller guards
  • Additional LiPo batteries for enhanced flight times

Considerations for indoor flights

Indoor Drones

Learn slowly but surely

If you are a novice and think that you would be able to fly your drone after unpacking it straight away, then you need to do a rethink. You must learn to fly a drone in a systematic manner. Begin slowly and learn how to fly without any rush. Learn how to hover first and the move onto the fundamental flying techniques before jumping onto the more advanced stuff.

You can make a shift to obstacle courses later on. As a novice, you should learn to master the controls. Getting used to controls will enable you to fly drones in a safe manner while getting prepared for advanced maneuvers outside.

Most of the drones come with intelligent modes of flight but you never know when you will need your flying skills. A dexterous pilot can always escape trouble and drone racing and FPV flying come within one’s grasp.

Clear the room

Clear your room from all the delicate objects that can get damaged due to your drone’s flight. Propeller cuts can be a dangerous thing and you do not want your precious pieces of art to be destroyed because of your drone.

You can create an obstacle course with the help of rings and plastic or metal toys that can withstand damage. But if you are a novice, you need your room to be wide and open.

Keep your family out of harm’s way

Ensure that there are no pets or kids around when flying a drone. Also ensure that no one creeps into the room unaware when you are flying a drone. Remember that even small sized propellers can cause plenty of damage while spinning at high speed.

One of our friends came across a propeller strike accident while building a small 250 sized quadcopter. Luckily, the bruise was around the shin region and despite the wound having healed by now, a mark has been left on his body. Had it struck him somewhere near the eye, it could have turned out to be catastrophic. People have undergone seriously dangerous injuries thanks to drones.

We have cited this accident with an aim not to freak you out but to advise you to exercise due caution. Accidents happen even outdoors so this should not deter us from flying indoors.

Propeller Guards

In addition to protecting your quadcopter from getting damaged, propeller guards also protect others from getting hurt by them. Most of the nano and micro drones are equipped with propeller guards but if yours is not, then we suggest you to purchase guards for your propellers sooner rather than later.

Propellers can increase the weight on your quadcopter and in turn can reduce the flight time but this is no excuse for flying a drone indoors without propeller guards. You can always purchase additional batteries but you cannot compromise on the safety aspect of your drone flight. Propeller guards are of great significance if you are a beginner.

No flying near walls or ceilings

The airflow tends to be different near floor, ceiling and walls and this tends to make your drone unstable near them. The same holds true when flying near large obstacles. Unless it is about challenges for the sake of fun, avoid going near large objects.


Now you should be clear that flying a drone indoors is not a harmful proposition by any stretch of imagination if you stick by the rules and take the requisite precautionary measures.

If you want to share your experiences or have any questions do not forget to leave a comment in the comments section below.


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