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20 Cheap Drones You Can Buy Today

With the development of more and more drones, the prices of these awesome machines are also getting lowered. This is playing a significant role in ensuring that an average consumer is able to buy these fabulous but cheap drones. The consumers can buy a drone to satisfy their hobbies, to present as a gift to their loved and dear ones or to use them in their professional applications. Truly, you get what you pay for! Hence, the more you invest in terms of money, the more features you are going to get in your quadcopter.

As far as the future of drone flight is concerned, the Department of Transportation (DoT) and FAA formulated the rules governing the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles in June last year. These regulations will help boost opportunities for new enterprises as well as government departments. According to cautious estimates released by FAA, these new rules and regulations have the capacity to generate a revenue of almost $82 billion per annum in the US while creating almost 0.1 million new job opportunities in the next decade or so to come.

Let’s share with you the 20 cheap drones that cost just under $150. Any of these devices could offer you and your business a diverse range of opportunities to learn as much as possible before you move onto a more advanced drone model. You can buy any drone based on your whim or on the basis of your need! You can buy a cheap drone just to have some fun or even to assist you in ensuring that you get a small chunk of the $82 billion on offer.

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List of the Best Cheap Drones

Syma X5C

It is a device that merely costs $69 and offers all the tools that you need to fly and capture videos and photographs so that you are able to achieve your objectives. This tool has a 4 channel high definition video camera and a micro SD card that lets you store all your images and videos. The Syma X5C offers a flight duration of about seven minutes.

Hubsan X4 H107C with HD Camera

This is a small sized drone that is available for $40 and offers a 2 megapixel camera. It boasts a hovering time of about nine minutes. It is manufactured by one of the leading drone developers and offers plenty of quality despite a modest price.

Aerix Aerius

This is probably the world’s smallest quadcopter that boasts dimensions of about 3cm x 3cm x 2cm or about 1” from all sides. It includes a very small sized 2.4 GHz controller that can fit in the palm of your hand. The quadcopter offers a flight duration of about seven minutes. The manufacturers have a United States patent pending on this device. Many of the features that would have been more likely to be included in bigger drones are present in this one such as 6 axis gyroscope stabilization, omnidirectional rotational yaw and many others for just $35.

Black Talon – Micro FPV Beginner Racing Drone

There are number of highly priced and super fast racing drones on the market but if you are a beginner drone enthusiast, then Black Talon have made one exactly for you. This machine has a top speed of about 15 mph and offers a flight duration of seven minutes for just $139. With an extended flight package, you can enjoy a flight duration of whopping 25 minutes which is pretty impressive. Currently its unavailable.


If you are looking for an extremely user friendly machine that will help you get better at your flying skills, then UDI U818A HD is the one for you. This is a great option for drone aficionados who are interested in exercising brilliant control over their device and capture some amazing aerial videos and images at an affordable price. The rotors are protected by the drone’s frame while the 4GB micro SD card lets you capture as many videos and pictures as possible. This drone offers a flight duration of nine minutes and can be purchased for just $55.


The HeliMax is a good option when it comes to user friendly controls and eye-catching features for capturing video footages. It captures images at 1 megapixel while videos are recorded at a resolution of 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second on the 2GB micro SD card that is included in the original packaging. Some of the features include the auto-flip for front to rear, rear to front or side to side acrobatic manoeuvres. This drone provides a flight duration of about ten minutes.

UDI RC U27 Free Loop

This amazing drone costs just $26 and offers a flight hovering time of about five and a half minutes. It boasts a 3.7V 450mAh battery. This price bracket includes micro (50mm) and small (100mm) drones. Hence, if you are just starting your love with drone, any of the drones related to this category could work well for you.

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SeresRoad JJRC H8C

The H8C includes four speed levels that can be adjusted at intervals of 25 percent. The radio controller boasts a LCD monitor that also contains an output for signal strength and battery power. The battery lasts for about eight minutes. You can get this drone for $79.75 while the original packaging will also include a 2MP HD camera and a 2GB memory card. This drone is comparatively large in relation to other dornes and boasts dimensions of about 7.87 x 7.87 x 1.97 inches.

WLtoys V686G

The  V686G comes for just $59.90 and offers a first person view real time video feed at 5.8 GHz using a 2 megapixel camera with vibration absorber. The quadcopter boasts a flight duration of about eight minutes in addition to the one key return to base feature which ensures that the drone returns back to the point of its take off. Moreover, the missile launcher, water cannon, hook and basket and bubble blower further augments one’s flying experience.

Holystone F181

The Holystone F181 captures images and videos at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second with a high definition camera. The flight duration boasted by F181 is around eight minutes. The omnidirectional 4-way flip lets the pilot perform flips leftward, rightward, forward and backward in addition to rolls. The quadcopter can be bought for just $109.98.

JXD 510G

The JXD 510G boasts a 5.8 GHz First Person View feature in addition to the high altitude hold mode, a 2 megapixel camera with the ability to record videos at 720p. It also offers an optional phone control while the 3.7V 800mAh battery allows you to enjoy a flight duration of about eight minutes. The $89.99 price tag may not be offered at all the places, so better look around for the best possible deal before you purchase it.


This drone costs just $135 (currently its on offer) and boasts amazing features such as a 3MP wide angle camera, 2 axis adjustable gimbal and a one key return to base. The flight duration you get is around seven minutes while the architecture of this machine is formidable hence ensuring durability.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

This drone has been designed for the fans of the popular science flick Star Wars. Falcon provides a flight duration of five minutes while the specialized sound effects endeavor to add some reality into its flight. You won’t get a fixed price for this drone but $39.36 is the lowest price that we were able to establish.

Longtian Syma X8G

This drone boasts a 8MP camera thus ensuring that you capture some sensational high quality video footage. The 7.4V 2000mAh battery enables you to get the most extended flight durations of 12 minutes that you could find in drones belonging to this category. At $99, this machine definitely packs a power punch. Currently this model is not available, below we have listed down the alternative.

Cheerson CX-35

This quadcopter has been developed by a popular drone manufacturing outlet, hence, you cannot expect anything less than seriously good quality. This machine comes for $135.99 and includes a 2MP wide angle camera with HD video recording so that you are able to capture some scintillating videos and photographs. Seven minutes of flight duration is provided by the 1300mAh battery. The one key return to base and low voltage warning messages ensure that you drone returns safely back to you without undergoing any serious damage.

Potensic F183W

You can fly the Potensic F183W using your mobile handheld device via WiFi in case you do not have access to the radio controller. This drone comes for just $110 and boasts features such as seven minutes of flight duration, 2MP HD FPV camera, a couple of control modes and a three dimensional flipping key.

DBPower U818A

Those drone enthusiasts who are looking to access a live video feed at high definition on their mobile handheld device, then the U818A has a FPV WiFi feature that will enable you to enjoy time of your lives. You can active the Gravity Induction mode to ensure that the drone is controlled based on the angle at which your handheld device is being placed. It comes for $169.99 as it includes anti-crash safeguards, flight duration of up to 9 minutes and a 3.7V 700mAh battery.

Fayee FY560

This prolific device contains a 5.8GHz LCD monitor that lets you view video footages and images directly from the 2MP HD camera built into the device. Moreover, you can also locate your drone at all the times using the 360 degrees localization feature. It offers a flight duration of about eight minutes and can be bought for $140.31. Currently this model is not available, below we have listed down the alternative.

MJX X101

Based on your requirements, this amazing machine lets you choose three varying cameras. In addition, it offers three dimensional flips tumbling skills, six axis gyroscope stabilization system and a search light. This device offers a flight duration of about ten minutes and can be purchased for about $96.


This tremendous machine comes with a state of the art anti-shock system that enables the camera to capture highly stable video footages and photographs owing to the shock absorbing mechanism. With the help of the Transmitter Control Mode and Throttle Limit Mode, the beginners are provided with the leverage to limit their throttle speed and hence exercise more control over their device. The machine can be purchased for just $119.99.

Elenker 509G

The Elenker 509G is a 5.8GHz FPV device that boasts an X-shaped design. It features a 2MP camera, six axis gyroscope stabilization and a flight duration of six minutes. Moreover, the one key return to base and fixed altitude function control keys are additional features that render this $135.99 device, quite handy for beginners. Currently this model is not available, however we have inserted popular cheap drones list below.

The drones falling in this price bracket almost boast the same kind of features. Moreover, with the evolution of drone technology, more and more players have ventured out into the drone industry. Hence, the consumers are being offered plenty of compatible alternatives at their disposal. The prices that we have shared with you are accurate at the time of being reported. It is likely they might change over a period of time but they will definitely give you an idea about what to expect in terms of prices when you pay a visit to the market to buy cheap drones.

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