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Swiggy Drone Delivery takes long to take off in India

Drone Enthusiasts! It is time to buckle up because the swiggy drone delivery is here. If you feel that it has been a long time coming, you are not the only one thinking that way. Swiggy, one of the biggest Indian food delivery platforms, announced last year that it would start doing food deliveries via drones. 

It was last year when a team behind this decision determined that food delivery via unmanned drones would prove to be a good idea. The idea came due to a lack of contact between people since the pandemic has emerged. The team stated that they would begin food deliveries from June 2020, so they can ease the coronavirus restrictions.

What was planned regarding Swiggy Drone Delivery?

swiggy drone delivery india

When the swiggy drone delivery got announced, they were set to be done in small areas within two major cities. Ropar and Etah were the two main aspects of the pilot program. Moreover, the drones were estimated to make 25-50 flights per launch. The flights will only go up from there.

In Ropar, the drones were delivering snacks and drinks to the residents who were using the Swiggy App. Or, they were in the distance of an 8 sq. km area around the IIT campus. The customers were able to receive ongoing flight tracking, which gave them information about the time when they will receive their delivery.

What to expect in the future?

Now, it is almost a year since the announcement of swiggy drone delivery. Still, the delivery is happening in small areas. It remains to be seen whether the deliveries will happen nationwide or not. An ARA spokesperson stated that since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the bureaucracy within the federal government did not help matters. 

The combination of bureaucratical approvals, ministry delays, and the coronavirus pandemic made it difficult to start drone deliveries in a year. However, things could change now. India is looking to improve its drone policies to ensure that these drone deliveries take place globally. 


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