Syma X5C Review

Syma X5C: Introduction

Our last article in series was the review for Syma X1, and now we present you the review for Syma X5C.

In this article, you will learn:
– Brief Introduction to Syma X5C.
– Camera Functionality of Syma X5C.
– Syma X5C Features.
– Downside of Syma X5C.

Syma X5C Review


It’s time we conjure yet another drone out of our drones for beginners series and this one, believe us, is a splendid machine for those who are looking to learn some basic stuff about drones. It has not been made to obtain some fine quality video footage and aerial photographs but that does not imply that it is not a superb device. Read our review of Syma X5C below and then see for yourself whether this is the drone of your dreams!

The incredible thing about Syma X5C is that once the camera and landing paraphernalia are detached from the device, it begins to fly a lot smoother without any jerks. So, essentially you can get two advantages out of this wonderful drone. If you are interested in taking some aerial images or recording video shots, you can leave it the high definition camera attached on the drone, while if you are just interested in savoring the flight, you can let go of additional gear and enjoy the unhampered, flawless flight experience. Do as you like!

It falls in the price range of around $40 to $60 and hence is the ideal choice for the hobbyists who just want to have to some lovely time in addition to learning plenty of cool stuff about drones. If you still have your doubts about this machine, then read through our review and decide for yourself if it’s really what you want.

Why is Syma X5C so Incredible

Two Types of Flight of Syma X5C:

Stability is what comes so naturally to this amazing drone which is in essence a 4-channel one. During the indoor flights, you get to exercise tremendous amount of control over the device while the protective casing for the propellers let you crash your drone into anything that comes your way without thinking about causing any harm to your device or the walls or the ceiling. During outdoor flights, however, you need to take care that the conditions are appropriate and the wind is not that strong.

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You can strip the device off of all its additional gear to carry out all the fantastic aerial stunts including rolls and flips or you can have them stay attached. Both the options come with their own individual advantages and it’s really cool to have them at your disposal. Below is a Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone Test Flight Video for your treat.

YouTube video

Syma X5C Package:

The Syma X5C, in its original packaging, is available with a variety of added stuff. You get a 2GB USB memory stick to help you record video footages and take photographs. Alongside it, you also get an extra set of props, propeller casing and a screwdriver. Isn’t it amazing?


Night Flight:

Some of the features possessed by this drone are really scintillating when consider its price. The device incorporates LED lights underneath it which are quite bright and are clearly visible from the ground at night. Moreover, they add lots of vigor and vibrancy to the drone and it looks pretty damn awesome y’all!


You’ll be surprised with the sort of high quality results you get from the camera. The camera is controlled by using the right bumper on the transmitter. You can take photographs by pressing it once while holding for a few moments will initiate the video recording. One important thing to note here is that the camera angle is tilted a bit downward. So, you will have to make an allowance for this configuration to ensure that you get good quality images and videos. This means that your drone will have to be positioned at quite a large distance above your target object which is being captured.

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The transmitter that comes with Syma X5C is pretty cool, just like Syma X1 had. You can quite easily control the device’s flight with the help of the two joysticks while you can view the directions in which acceleration is being applied on a brightly lit LED display screen. You can control your accelerator with the left joystick and the camera with the right one. Once you detach the camera, you can carry out some cool flipping stunts with the right bumper. Cool ain’t it!

What’s Not So Cool about Syma X5C

Propeller Guards:

The casing designed to protect your blades is very effective in pursuing the purpose it has been intended to achieve. There’s a catch though! Some times, during the flight, the blades tend to collide with the protective casing which disrupts the smooth flight. You can get it resolved by testing the device at a place where you can clearly listen to the sound of the blades hitting the guards. Just twist your prop guards in the downward direction, taking care that you don’t break them. You’ll have to go through this procedure once or thrice before you end up at your preferred adjustment.

Too Lightweight:

When the camera, prop guards and landing gear are still attached with the device, the wind gets in the driving seat and takes charge; thereby making the flying experience a lot more tougher. So, utmost caution has to be practised to avoid any crashes during outdoor flights.

Battery/LED Lights:

Syma claim that the LED lights will start blinking a few minutes before your battery is about to die out. However, we found out that the lights blinked just a few seconds before the battery ran out of power. This makes it quite hard to figure out how much longer the batteries are going to run. Trust us, you want to ensure safe landing before the batteries run out of gas.


The camera has been claimed by Syma as High Definition. We are not in agreement this though. The camera is quite formidable but it is certainly not outstanding. But since you are not paying anything extra to get the attractive feature so don’t let your hopes go too high. You can still capture fine photographs with the camera but it’s not out of this world. Moreover, due to the camera being directed considerably downwards, you have to ensure that the drone is located a fair distance above the targeted object to get video footage or images of decent quality.

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Here are a few upgrades that you can get for maximizing your fun:

  1. 3.7V 720mAh 25C Lipo Battery Spare Part for Syma X5 X5C.
  2. SYMA X5/X5C X5SC Drone Battery USB Charger Charging Cable Wire Plug
  3. Upgraded version of Syma X5c


This review has been written with the aim to help you out in your quest for choosing a drone that best suits your needs and requirements. If you have doubts about it, there is no need to hesitate. Just contact us at your earliest and we will help you make the right choice. The Syma X5C can help you out in ensuring that you get to spend some quality time in honing your flying and aerial photography skills. It has a lot of similarities with DJI’s top-of-the-line Phantom series but it far more realistically priced and is a best bet for the newbies who want to learn the art of flying quadcopters.

We suggest you to purchase it if you are new to this field and want to get to know things about flying and capturing video footages. It does come with quite a few bottlenecks in terms of its capabilities and features, but believe us it is a lot of fun to experience it soar high above in the sky.If our review has helped you out and now you are sure that this drone is meant for you, then you can check out the best deals on offer on our website. Happy browsing!

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