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The final FAA rule for remote ID is in effect

It looks like the final rule of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding remote ID has come into full effect this week. This, along with the operator for the small drones to fly at night under particular rules and regulations also came into effect. The announcement for these rules was done on Wednesday, 21st April. Earlier this month, we saw the announcement of the FAA recurrent tests for drone pilots.

Final Rule of Remote ID

remote ID

These rules of a remote ID will be beneficial in managing the security and safety of different drones within the airspace of drone companies. However, there is still a lot of work to be done for the full integration of the UAS setup. According to the United States Secretary of Transportation, they are working hard during the week with the stakeholders to guarantee that the UAS policies are up to date with the innovations.

This will ensure safety and security for the drone communities worldwide and will also have a huge say in the country’s economy. The four massive changes i.e. remote ID rules, flying drones at night flying drones over people, and innovations to the Part 107 test process were all announced before the turn of the new year. However, they came into effect this month.

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The final ID rule gives a structure to remotely identifying drones in a drone flight or a particular location of their respective control stations. The aim is to reduce the risk of collision within the drones or stop posing a risk on someone’s life who is unaware of a drone coming next to him/her. All the drones that need FAA registration are now also under the regulations of remote ID compliance.

Adjustments to the Part 107 test procedure

The demand for the completion of the face-to-face FAA recurrent test every 24 months is now being replaced with a much simpler methodology for a particular remote ID. Now, drone pilots have to complete an online drone training course in this regard. This course is now live on the FAASTeam Website earlier this month with zero cost.

It contains a bunch of online videos for training, quizzes, and tasks.  It has more than 100 tutorial slides and it takes almost 60 minutes for you to go through the entire online course.

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