Real Estate Drones

Top 4 Drones for Real Estate

1 – DJI (Dual) remote plus free travel case

This bundle includes numerous real estate drones such as the mighty DJI Inspire 1, free DJI hard case, DroneEtc Lanyard, Controller, 4K UHD camera that is able to capture video at Ultra High Definition and captures images at 12MP. The camera’s lens consists of 9 separate elements including an aspherical element that ensures crystal clear output while also providing compatibility with Adobe DNG RAW; thereby allowing more flexibility.

2 – DJI Phantom 2 Vision

The Phantom 2 Vision is just exquisite as far as the design is concerned. The lovely, sturdy looking exterior and the overall outlook of this beast make Vision a phenomenal innovation. Rest assured, you won’t be wasting your money when you do buy this amazing piece of hardware. It comes with a rechargeable battery and can furnish a flight time duration of 25 minutes. DJI have integrated LED indicators to inform the pilot about the dwindling battery life.

The 14 megapixel camera built into the fabulous device is able to capture some amazingly high quality photographs and videos. No more extensions are required or nothing has to be configured with the camera. The gimbal is included in the drones to provide the much needed stability and steadiness to the camera when the real estate drones take a sharp turn or changes its direction. Phantom 2 Vision lacks this essential piece of technology which is quite sad.

3 – DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus: One of the best Real Estate Drones?

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus is loaded with the triple axis gimbal that ensures smooth and shake-free video footages. The High Definition camera provides a real time video feed of the top most quality via the FPV link. The 5,200mAh battery ensures that the drone provides a flight duration of a whopping 25 minutes.

The high efficiency self-tightening propellers provide more reliability, faster speed and enhanced security. The drone comes with an advanced controller that includes rechargeable batteries and gimbal control dial, enhanced motors and improved propellers.

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4 – Parrot Bebop Drone 14MP Full HD 1080p

It comes with three Lithium ion batteries while only one of them is required at a time to fly the real estate drones. With an enhanced control range of 2Km, the pilots are able to enjoy an exhilarating flight experience. The drone is equipped with the WiFi extender feature while the device can be maneuvered with the help of two joysticks for an immersive flight adventure.

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The controller also comes with a dock for holding your handheld mobile devices. The Parrot Bebop is also loaded with a 14MP full HD 1080p fisheye camera and a sensational triple axis stabilization system. The camera provides a 180 degrees field of view. The integrated GPS system ensures that the return to home and elevation holder features work flawlessly. The real estate drones can be piloted with the help of the FreeFlight 3 smartphone app that has been designed for iOS, Android and Windows 8.1.

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