Latest 2016 review parrot bebop drone

Latest 2016 Review For Parrot BeBop



Our last article was the fantastic 2016 review for Phantom 4, but we now are presenting you the latest 2016 review for Parrot BeBop Drone.

In this article, you will learn:
– Brief Introduction to Parrot BeBop
– About Dual Frequencies of Parrot BeBop
– About Safety Propellers
– About Shortened Range
– Video Quality of Parrot BeBop


Parrot BeBop


parrot bebop drone

Did you ever imagine the emergence of a species of drones to cause ripples among the ranks of the mighty Blade 350 QX and the legendary DJI Phantom 3? Well folks, if you haven’t then you are in for a surprise of your lives! Parrot BeBop is here to astonish you all! This remarkable drone is developed by Parrot who have excelled in the creation of wireless communication for motor vehicles of all sorts since 1994. Harnessing their decades old experience, expertise and skills, Parrot never cease to amaze you with their innovative products based on cutting edge technology and BeBop is a great example of their prowess.

Our last couple of weeks have been dedicated to the Parrot BeBop and we have found it to be gorgeous. The drone promises to offer plenty of fresh palatable meat to the table and has definitely given us a lot to cheer about with its cool and attractive design and top-of-the-line unmatchable features.Setting it up for the first time is easy! As a matter of fact, it’s way too easy! Being tech savvy does not mean, by any stretch of imagination, that we are able to conjure up unimaginable powers to set up or take apart a drone without any difficulty.

Mind you, this can turn out to be a pretty dicey business! However, much to our delight and surprise, we were able to set BeBop up and take it apart within just a few minutes. The amount of control that we were able to exercise over the drone in addition to the entire experience of the device’s flight in the air left us overwhelmed.As soon as we got the drone the assembled, we managed to get hold of the FreeFlight 3 App which connects to the BeBop and transmits the drone’s altitude, distance, frequency and other associated statistical data during the flight. The app serves as glue that binds the entire flying experience together and helps you get the grasp of flying even if you are not good at it in the beginning.

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Best Features Offered By Parrot BeBop

Built In WiFi Hotspot:

Live video streaming is what you get by virtue of this insanely fantastic feature. You just have to create a WiFi hotspot with your beloved drone and get your handheld device connected with it. And off you go with the instantaneous sharing of your videos with your friends, on the web, the social media, anywhere you want. Parrot deserve a huge round of applause for this fabulous feature for sure!

Dual Frequencies:

The Parrot BeBop can operate in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands which can facilitate the dronies who happen to reside in densely populated territories.

Easy to Set up:

The simple yet gorgeous design of the BeBop renders its assembly and break down quite easy even for the rookies and those pilots with relatively less experience of flying.

FreeFlight 3 App Integration:

You can connect your drone with the FreeFlight 3 App which comes free of charge and can be integrated with all the Parrot products. With this impressive piece of software technology, you can improve on your flying skills and get access to a lot more control over your device. The controls are integrated directly into the app and hence there is no need of a dedicated transmitting device. Moreover, the app has been designed for iOS, Android and Windows platform.

FreeFlight 3 App Integration

Safety Propellers:

In a bid to ensure safety during indoor flight, BeBop comes with propeller bumpers that grants you the luxury of flying in proximity to the target that you are capturing on video. Extra propellers are also included in the standard package of the amazing BeBop.Also, you can upgrade your Parrot BeBop with some of the packages available online such as:

  1. Safety Propellers (Recommended)
  2. Battery RC Drone High Polymer 3100MAH 11.1V 21.6A (Recommended)

Video Quality:

The drone features a 14 megapixel camera fitted in its nose that is integrated with a fisheye lens and offers a 180 degree field of view. High definition video at a frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps) is captured by the camera while the angle of the flight is automatically adjusted by the drone. These features are definitely revolutionary for a built-in camera such as this.And when you are getting such a magnificent feature, then why not protect this amazing camera with the Dust Guard? You can get a marvellous Dust Guard Shield at a price as low as $9!

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Let’s have a look at the video quality of Parrot BeBop drone:

parrot bebop video quality

Parrot BeBop Capturing A View


Features Not Fancied By Users Of Parrot BeBop

Shortened Range:

The reliance on the WiFi signal does come with a few limitations. The range of flight is slightly reduced which has been a cause for frustration among quite a few buyers who found the difference between WiFi control and standard radio control rather troubling. As far as we are concerned, the drone was able to serve our purpose well for the amount of flight range it offered, but we can comprehend the degree of consternation limited range can produce among a certain group of pilots.

Motor Stall Issues:

Some of the purchasers have reported issues with the motor not functioning or halting. There could be a variety of reasons for this malfunction. It might be due to the reduced range of flight or some error in the software or in the firmware. Whatever may be the reason, it surely is something to look into for the manufacturers.


Parrot BeBop Drone is available at different prices;  it mostly is available at a costaround $1200 to $1300. But if you search around, it is even available at prices around $300 but you would have to compromise on the quality then.The Parrot Bebop is certainly a special thing in the market and we are in love with it head over heels. The manufacturers have done a commendable job in designing and developing this drone and it looks cool, sleek and gorgeous.

If you are looking for a drone in the middle of the pack, then this one is definitely for you. As far as price is concerned, this one is probably the best one out there that offers plenty of features for a reduced price. We hope Parrot are able to churn out its newer model sooner rather than later and we are able to test it out. For complete drone guide, please see this article.

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