Drone Racing Industry

How Drone Racing Industry benefits from DJI?

The drone racing industry had a really good vibe about itself in the past week. After the recent announcement of DJI’s first ever FPV drone, it looks like the biggest drone company in the world has the plans to expand itself in the drone industry.  The DJI FPV drone is ready to take off.

Impact on the drone racing industry

Never before did DJI had created an FPV drone that was pivotal to the drone racing industry. Regardless of what people think about the value of this FPV drone, it has been a long time since this company introduced one. Recently, all of the drone inventions have been regarding the iterations based on previous products, just like the Mini 2 product and Mavic Mini. Numerous drone users have felt that creating remastered versions of previous products have made DJI extremely one dimensional.

Now, they have decided that they must do the drone racing industry a power of good. As the drone racing league is popular for a lot of years, the company has felt that they must use this forum to their advantage.  In 2017, they launched a product called DJI Goggles, which is the same as the FPV Goggles. Afterward, they introduced the RE version (Racing Edition) of DJI Goggles. This product had effective video quality and graphical interface that allowed the drone pilots to capture numerous videos from any angle of the drone.

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The best attributes of this new DJI FPV drone is that it has a maximum speed of 87 mph. It can reach up to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. Furthermore, its flight modes allow the pilots to use the drones based on their skill. Think how great an asset this would be to the drone racing.

Final Thoughts

With these innovations coming thick and fast, it truly looks like drone racing industry is progressing each and every day. Whether these innovations will be an asset to the industry, it remains to be seen. So let’s hope that numerous drone companies like DJI have great expansion programs to elevate the industry even more.

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