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Drone Racing

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Drone Racing is an international sport, organized by numerous organizations and leagues all around the world. The pilot controls the drone through his remote using the radio waves to communicate with his drone. First, drone racing was done in Australia in late 2013 to early 2014 by some amateurs. Numerous cameras are mounted on a drone, which the pilot uses to guide the drone throughout the course. The pilot wears a head-mounted display streaming live the videos captured by the cameras mounted on the drone. As understood from the name ‘Drone Racing,’ the goal is to finish the track first or in the least time. Different trails are built all-around in open areas where the pilots fly their drones, race with other pilots flying their drones to win. Drone racing is organized in open air tracks and also some indoor tracks specially built for the drone racing. Drone racing is an internationally recognized sport, and many people participate in it.


FPV drone racing

A pilot controls the drone from sitting in a particular spot, which is not on board the drone. The drone has many cameras mounted through which the pilot sees live streaming of where the drone is going and controlling it’s every movement. The pilot uses a head-mounted display or goggles for a more dynamic view, which appears as the pilot controlling the drone sitting inside the cockpit. The pilot gets the FPV (First Person View) from the head-mounted displays or the goggles. The cameras help the pilot enabling him to control the drone by visualizing the first-person view.

The technology used in Drone Racing

Drones are the vehicles controlled by the pilot who is not on board but controls the drone by using the remote. The remote controls the drone by sending and receiving signals. A signal producer is mounted inside the remote, which sends the signal, and the receiver inside the drone catches it and makes a move. The waves used are Radio waves, which makes the controlling of the drones possible at such high speeds. The drones have multiple motors mounted on its frame, which run the rotors mounted on the top. The rotors produce such highspeed rotation and push down the air to produce a push and movement.

Many cameras are installed on the surface of the drone, which acts as the eyes of the pilot. The drones have batteries mounted inside of them, which can be recharged and are used to run the motors, which in turn power the motors. The motors rotate the rotors mounted on the frame to get the drone moving. The pilot not being onboard controls the drone from sitting outside. Using the cameras mounted on the frame controls the drone to win the race which stream live. The pilot uses head-mounted displays and goggles to watch the live streaming, getting the first-person view, as if he is sitting in the cockpit and flying the drone. The drone and the controlling setup are connected through a reliable connection, which is very fast, enabling the pilot to move the drone as fast he possibly can.

A great FPV drone

A great FPV drone needs to meet specific requirements. Some important things for drone racing kit are:

• Speed

Speed an essential part of the Drone racing as the pilot has to fly his drone past the whole track fastest. Speed is an integral part of any racing. The drone should be fast, to at least participate in the race, the multi-rotors mounted on the frame should be able to move the drone very fast.

• Sight

The pilot controls the drone by watching the live streaming through the drone’s cameras on his headset displays or goggles. The sight of the pilot is essential for operating the drone well. The pilot should have an uninterrupted stream through an FPV (first-person view) camera. The camera can usually tilt 80 degrees giving the pilot a wide view.

• A good drone controller

Drones at high speeds need to be controlled with quicker responses to make the right move during the races. Controllers are also an essential part of the drone racing kit.

• Durability and repairability

While drone racing, it is guaranteed that the drone will crash every three flights; some people crash more, some people crash less, but three is the average. So, it means, even the best of pilots can crash their drones. The frame of the drone should be durable, and the drone should be built with such engineering that it can withstand crashes. The drones should also be repairable, so after a collision, a drone can be repaired easily.

Future of drone racing

The drone racing is quite new. The technology used is in the initial stages and haven’t changed much because this sport is new. The players are not many in numbers, but as the world is moving towards the era of completely new technology every year. This sport is gaining popularity day by day, and the numbers of players and supporters are increasing exponentially. Drone racing will have a new level even a few years from now as we are using the latest technology every year to makes the drones faster and better; this will make this sport have a new face in every generation and will stay popular among the people.

Drone Racing Organizations

Some of the largest organizations and leagues for the drone racing are:

• MultiGP
Drone Racing League
• Airspeeder
• DR1 racing
• Rotormatch league


Drone racing is the future. It isn’t as popular as of today, but it will gain a massive audience and players in the coming years as this is the future, the battle of technology. It is using the best technology and the best techniques to win the race by beating others drone using a faster drone with better technology. The face of Drone racing will completely change every generation as the latest technology will bring in more innovations.

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