Wingcopter: A growing drone company

If we talk about drone delivery, people usually head over to Amazon or Google to find the best drone delivery companies available. However, there is one small drone delivery company that has come to the surface i.e. Wingcopter.

Wingcopter has now established itself as an analyzer, developer, and manufacturer of drones in the United States. In January 2021, they issued a statement where they said that they have received $22m from Series A funding. This funding was associated with the Silicon Valley-based Explorer which had invested highly in numerous technological advancements such as Futury Regio Growth Fund.

The explorer has also stated that he is planning to invest in more technological projects if the respective project impresses him. However, let’s jump into the Wingcopter company and see what it is all about.

Attributes of Wingcopter Company

The Wingcopter company develops drones for humanitarian and commercial purposes. As they have received $22m from the Series A funding, they feel that they are in contention to reach great heights in drone-based logistics. Due to the recent pandemic of COVID-19, they will be paying special attention to the healthcare and medication applications.

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The company will keep the people up to date with the recent advancements of the COVID-19 vaccines, especially in their own country.

Wingcopter has two principles from the business perspective. One is to create your own delivery drone. The second is to get a delivery drone as a service provider. The primary drone of the company is Wingcopter 178. Its important attributes are that it can lift heavy loads, up to 122 kilometers.

The primary drone’s main attribute is that when it takes off, it lands vertically like a multi-copter.  It can travel long distances consistently though.

If we talk about service providers, then Wingcopter also provides its primary drones in this regard. You have to pay for the drone, its functionalities, advancements, etc. You must owe the track record of that drone without needing to own or possess the flight of drones.

Final Verdict

COVID-19 pandemic has been turbulent to numerous industries around the world. The drone industry is no exception in this regard. However, the Wingcopter company was proactive about this pandemic. They created a forum called “Drone + Data Aid” which enabled the company to improve the healthcare supply chains.

They popularised this forum in numerous states and ensured that the local people get training about drone operations. The drone training included activities such as mission brainstorming, piloting, and surveying flights. All the details were very important to the drone hierarchies in this regard.

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