How to Get Rid of the Most Common Drone Phobias

When a newbie steps into the world of drone, in addition to being excited and jubiland about flying drones, he/she is also affected by a number of fears. A lot of people have been purchasing drones of late. So, it is relevant that a vast majority of them will have certain phobias when it comes to flying these magnificent beasts. We bring to you the most prevalent phobias among drone pilots and what measures can be taken to get rid of them.

 1 – Get over-awed By The Technology 

The fear of technology is perhaps the most common among the dronies out there. The newbies often get frightened because of the tons of the information that needs to absorbed and then implemented in order to learn how to fly and maintain your drone. Just imagine: the flight checklists, gimbal modifications, camera configurations, lens filters, battery packs, height settings, no-fly areas, ensuring that the video footage being captured remains steady and free of any jerks etc. It is quite evident how so much of information overload can wreak havoc in the lives and minds of newcomers.

Here is a good news for you all. You can get rid of this fear simply by considering each element one at a time and dividing them into milestones. You should continue this practice until you are confident that you have got a hang of a certain concept. You can quite easily scour through the internet and get your hands on the most pertinent of informations about your drone. We highly recommend you get yourself familiarized with the fundamentals of flying a drone before you start thinking about more complex stuff. I learned lots of stuff about the drones before purchasing my very first quadcopter. I even got impatient midway through my learning experience but I stuck to it until I got acquainted with the basic stuff.

Here is the gist of it all:

  • keep things simple.
  • Emphasize on things one at a time
  • carry out extensive research about them and watch video tutorials,
  • try not to hurry since it will hamper your learning experience and in the meanwhile you might end up missing some important stuff.

2 – Scared Of Losing Or Crashing Your Drone 

You’ve done extensive research about drones and watched tons of video tutorials. You’ve done plenty of practice on your drone simulator and now you are confident that you’ll be able to fly a real life quadcopter with great ease. However, in addition to being excited, you’re still a tad intimidated by it all. You’ve spent a fortune on your top of the line drone and now you cannot stand the idea of losing your drone through a crash. After a lot of hard work, you succeed in getting your drone soar through the air but there’s a slight variation in the direction of wind or there’s an increase in the wind speed and you press the panic button. You hastily move your sticks in an erroneous manner which is quite fathomable.

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How can you get rid of your crash phobia?

  • First of all, you need to find for yourself a wide open area that contains lots of grass.
  • Ensure that the GPS mode has been triggered and your base station been designated.
  • Start flying your drone at a slow speed without daring to take to a high altitude or at a large distance away from yourself.
  • In case you become tense and become uncertain about the orientation of your drone, let go of the sticks and the machine will begin to hover over a certain location. This is a much safer option in contrast to a quarter swaying in the left or right direction. Of course this is only possible if your is equipped with the hover feature.

Having said that, most of the drones that cannot be classified as toys come loaded with the hover feature. Then you should try flying your drone making quadrilaterals in the air. Once you get a hang of it, vary the orientation of your drone. Make it face forward, backward, rightward or leftward.

If you own a DJI drone, then you can also opt for the DJI Care package. This service insures the amount equivalent to the market value of your device and provides you the option of getting your machine repaired as many times as you want. It can be purchased for only $299 per annum. There are people in this world who would get the much needed solace of mind with the satisfaction at the back of their minds that their device’s repairs have been covered under an insurance plan.

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You can also connect a GPS tracker to your device to ensure that even if it gets lost because of a fly-away, you are able to track its location down. You can also try to purchase a less costly drone so that while you get a hang of how to fly a quadcopter, you do not have to worry about losing out on your investment due to a crash or a fly-away. When you become an expert in flying a drone and are able to negotiate gusty and windy conditions well, then you will be confident enough to fly your $1000 drone.

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3 – Frightened Of Not Getting The Ideal Aerial Shot 

Now, you have got a hang of how to fly a drone and have become an expert in its maintenance and repairs as well. Now, you have sent it soaring into the skies and are looking to capture that coveted aerial shot. Whether you are looking to capture that impeccable aerial video footage or that elusive photograph, there is a high likelihood that things can go wrong at any point in time. There are thousands amongst us who have been through this disgusting situation wherein they spend an extremely hectic day flying their drone around and capturing some stunning scenery. But as soon as they opened their  to transfer their images and videos to their storage and viewing media, the reality dawns upon them that they have screwed things. Their images and videos are not what they were looking to obtain. This may be due to poor camera configuration, poor visibility or composition or a number of other factors. This can all be very disappointing and can get you disgruntled to a degree that you would even think of never to take your drone out and capture aerial videos and images.

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However, bear in mind that even the best are not perfect and can mess things around. The solution is to stay steadfast and resilient and never think of surrendering ever. This can be achieved by taking a look at the works accomplished by some of the best drone photographers such as Daniel Peckham, Kenji Croman, Dirk Dallas and Lance Asper. You can also go through the following video to understand more.

Sooner rather than later, you will be able to get a hang of using your drone in the right way to capture aerial shots and footages. In addition to learning from the big guns out there, you should always be looking to learn from your own mistakes and rectify them. All you have to do is practice long and hard and everything will fall in place without any fuss.

4 – Spooked By Trying A New Thing 

Drones are still a novel idea for plenty of people out there. So, there are a number of them who are not that intrigued by their presence. This is not that bad when you actually think of it. Even if they have had no prior experience with drones, they can get to try out new things without be apprehended by anything else. The newcomers can alway try out innovations without the fear of losing.

Having said that, there are people out there who get disappointed by the fact that they are not able to fly a drone in contrast to their dear ones who have now become experts in this hobby. Do you remember that we talked about having a look at the works accomplished by the leading drone photographers? This is an important technique to pursue while you are in the learning stage but it certainly is not a thing that should be over-done. Ensure that you are able to cultivate your own unique style of shooting since when it comes to drone photography, there’s no right or wrong way to doing things. Everyone has his own predilections. While some would like photographs with exaggerated HDR effects, there are others who would be in love with sharp and bright images. You just have to be satisfied with what you do and that’s all what matters.

5 – Lack Of Confidence In Your Own Work 

This fear is kind of related to the previous one. With the advent of the interactive social media platforms, we have gotten the luxury of sharing whatever we like. But some people are still over-awed by the response of their audience. They believe that their work is not good enough and will be outrightly rejected by their viewers. I would advise you to cast away that fear since I am of the view that no matter how good you are with what you do, you are definitely going to find someone who will find faults with you and your accomplishments. Just because one of them has not given you a positive response, it does not mean that you will be rejected by others. This should not phase you away from pursuing this great hobby. If you are of the view that you get excited by drone photography, then keep moving forward and try to learn from your mistakes.

Drone photography is an extremely absorbing hobby but the fact that it cannot be pursued without having to carry out extensive research in this realm, generally tends to discourage people from pursuing it. You can all get rid of this fear by practising and practising and practising.

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Share with us in the comments section if you have any fears about drones that have not been included in this article or if you have been able to overcome one of your fears thanks to our suggestions.

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