12 Best GoPro Accessories You Will Love

In this post, you are about to discover 12 of the leading GoPro accessories for your GoPro camera. Do not forget to give a thought to the accessory placed at the sixth spot. Thousands of readers have been benefitted through these tips. Be ready to witness some really cool photographs.

With the help of GoPro cameras, you can view the action right from the drone’s eye as it takes place in reality. These amazing cameras are very light in weight and can be transported from one place to another easily. They are used to cover sporting events along with just about any other action sports. GoPro cameras let the pilot enjoy an exciting flight experience. However, there are a number of GoPro accessories that help you take advantage of numerous features included in these fabulous machines in a totally different manner. Let’s jump straight to the 12 best GoPro accessories that we are sure would leave you astounded.

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12 – GoPro Chest Mount Harness

This chest mount has been developed by the manufacturers of the GoPro cameras and is compatible with almost all the GoPro action cameras except the Digital Hero 5 Wrist Camera. It helps you attach these cameras to your chest; thereby allowing you capture action as it takes place directly from your own perspective. The chest mount can be adjusted as and when required and is quite comfortable to put on for the videographer. It can be purchased for just under $40 and can be even put on over large sized jackets. Recording your sporting adventures was never this easy!

11 – GoPole Reach

This innovative device is a telescoping pole that can reach as high as 40 inches and is the ultimate selfie tool that lets you capture yourself from the desired distance. What’s really exciting about this gadget is that you can use it to capture underwater video footage, extend it outside your car’s window or even over your balcony to capture some scintillating shots. The GoPole is only 17 inches when in retracted position and is fairly easy to transport from one place to another. Moreover, the GoPole is only 8 ounces in weight which ensures that you will never get tired while holding it.

You can utilize it in a number of action sports such as snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, swimming or even when you are out with your friends just having some fun. Compatible with almost all the GoPro Hero cameras, this gizmo is really an exception accessory that should be present in your closet!

10 – GoPole Bobber Floating Hand Grip

Those of you who are interested in capturing some fantastic video footage under the water, should keep an eye at GoPole Bobber. With the assistance of the bright yellow colored floating body, you can conveniently identify your floating camera. Moreover, owing to the direct GoPro connection that comes with this GoPole hand grip, you won’t be needing any additional adaptor or tool. The camera remains near you because of the wrist attachment while the carabineer attachment lets you attach your camera to your paraphernalia when it is not being used. If you fancy taking underwater footage, this gizmo will help you in never losing your camera in when the conditions are not so friendly.

9 – GoPro Bag of Mounts Accessories

If you are having trouble trying to figure out which mount will be the most suitable for you, then you need to stop worrying and go for the GoPro Bag of Mounts. This amazing package includes:

  • 1 curved plate
  • 1 flat surface plate
  • A thumb knob with the required hardware
  • 1 pivot arm
  • 1 buckle that can be released quickly
  • 1 leash tether
  • 1 vibration plug
  • Vertical J mount

You can bring these mounts into use to mounting your GoPro cameras to flat surfaces such as those found on cars, motorbikes, boats etc. With a one year warranty, you can get this bag for just $20.

8 – Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod

This gadget is amazingly light in weight and can be extended to about five and a half feet. It is a must-have accessory for cinematographers who are planning to cover action sports events, family functions, wedding feasts, birthday bashes and any other similar events. The camera gets stabilized with the help of the pole which ensures that you obtain footages that are void of undesired jerks. With the ability to support 6.7 pounds of weight and boasting 4 leg sections, the monopod includes non-skid rubber feet that let it remain in its position no matter how much slippery the surface underneath may get. You also get a carrying bag along with adjustable wrist strap in the original packaging that can be bought for just below $25 and is a must-have for all the GoPro lovers.

7 – GoPro Surfboard Mount

Riding waves in the middle of the ocean and want to get yourself captured? The GoPro surfboard mount will help you take some astounding video shots as you surf over the insurmountable waves. This gadget is a highly recommended one by professional surfers. You can easily mount your camera to the surfboard with the help of this mount and get yourself covered as if you had your own cameraman with you. Having said that, in addition to surfboards, you can also attach these mounts to kayaks, boats, Standup Paddleboarding etc. If you are an ardent watersport aficionado, do not forget to purchase this fabulous gadget for just under $10.

6 – GoPro Roll Bar Mount

This accessory has been designed for GoPro Hero cameras and can be used to attach your action cameras to ATVs, roll bars, roll cages, boats etc. The mount is equipped with anti-vibration technology that ensure that the video footage captured remains steady and without any undesired motion. It can help you cover yourself as well as those following you. The three-way adjustable mount features pivoting arms that let you cover action from whatever angle you prefer.

5 – Adhesive Mounts

Those GoPro fans who are looking to discover some exciting ways to attach their GoPro cameras should keep an eye at these incredible mounts. The curved as well as flat mounts let you attach your cameras to almost any kind of surface out there. Apply heat from a blow-dryer and the adhesive material sticking the mount to the underlying surface will get loosened up and you will be able to easily remove the mount. We believe there’s nothing much that could wrong with these gizmos.

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4 – GoPro Camera Tether Kit

Extreme conditions demand for extreme measures and this is precisely where the GoPro camera tether kit comes to your rescue. If you use your action cameras in extreme conditions, then you can tether your camera and secure it from suffering any harmful damage. 5 tethers and 5 adhesive anchors are bundled together in this kit. You can attach the tethers to the backside of the camera while the adhesive anchors get attached to your paraphernalia. Here’s the fun part: you can get this awesome kit for just below $15.

3 – WiFi Remote Wrist Strap

For those of you who would love to make use of their GoPro action camera without any attached cords or wires, the WiFi remote wrist strap is the ideal choice and a wonderful accessory. This wrist mount lets you utilize the unfathomable power and capabilities of the WiFi remote hands-free whether you are engaged in swimming, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding, skiing or virtually any other action sports. Bear in mind that this one is just the strap itself while the remote is not bundled in this package. With the help of this wrist strap, you can obviously stick your WiFi remote to your wrist, steering wheel, handle of the motorbike or almost any surface that you want. The strap can be bought for just about less than $10.

2 – GoPro Scuba Diving GoMask

Looking to cover your underwater action sports? The GoPro Scuba Diving GoMask lets you capture some of the sensational underwater adventures that you undergo using a mechanism that is extremely safe and does not involve any cords or wires. Moreover, the original packaging also comes with a mount that helps you attach your GoPro action camera to your GoMask and then capture your scintillating underwater excursions from the First Person’s View. Pretty awesome, right?

The gear is a low volume one that includes everclear glass lenses and a skirt that consists of liquid silicone. It is an easy-to-wear gear while the buttons can be adjusted comfortably by simply pressing a single key.

Moreover, the mount has been designed such that it is angled in the forward direction; thereby allowing greater clarity and minimized interference.

1 – Peak Design POV Kit

Attaching your GoPro action camera to your backpack strap or belt of your trousers is no more a difficulty with the Peak Design POV Kit. A J-arm alongside and Point-and-Shoot adapter are also bundled in the original packaging to mount GoPro action camera with flawless ease.

However, here’s the catch: you’ve got to purchase a Capture Camera Clip so that this gizmo works exactly the way you intend it to. To put it in simple words, it is not a stand-alone device and you would be needing the clip for it to perform at this mighty best!

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