15 Top Rated Gifts and Best Toys for 2 Year Old Boys

Now that your baby has developed his teethes and able to walk around. He wants to explore around and learn on his own. He acquired crucial skills he is set to ask many questions. He is in phase to get a lot of information, experience and development in this period.

The best way to help him in growing with progress is by gifting him educational toys. However, finding a perfect toy that serves both purposes to give playing joy along preschool lessons is difficult. You, as a parent want your two-year child can play with toys that encourage them to develop social and cognitive skills, finding such toys can take time.

Luckily, we have researched fifteen quality toys that are designed for two year boys. These toys will help your toddler how to read and speak, do basic math, and other preschool lessons. Moreover, choosing best toy will also improve mental health of kids.


LEGO DUPLO Tracked Excavator and Town Truck

Boys’ love construction toys, LEGO DUPLO is a machine set that includes a pair of construction truckers, pair of LEGO figurines of construction workers, LEGO blocks and a traffic sign with stickers.
Little kids entertain while moving blocks from one place to another. The excavator rotation cabin rotates in 360 degrees. It promotes sense of building as well as motor function development. Moreover, every piece in the LEGO DUPLO is made from non-toxic plastic.

 Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker Wooden Ring

Melissa & Doug is a premium quality toy having colorful rings. It is excellent for developing logic, shape and colour recognition. It is a basic exercise for boosting focus by placing colourful rings on the stick. Doing so will strengthen his coordination of eye and hand.

 Melissa & Doug Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Other fantastic toys for your two-year-old child are Melissa and Doug Safari. The package of puzzle comes with eight safari animal pieces and a safari board. These all are extra thick and colourful that appeals to kids to use them. It develops hand-eye coordination.

Melissa & Doug Nesting and Sorting Garages and Cars

Melissa & Doug Nesting features 7-piece car and garage set. Each toy is unique with different colours. Kids find it easy to play and learn numbers, colours and shape. A two-year toddler can change the placement of cars in the garage, and it helps to develop problem-solving skills.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

If your two-year kids want to explore and build new things, Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big is the right choice for him. This toy will definetly teach your child preschool building skills and will improve memory. With 80 different shapes of colours, he will use his imagination and logic to build new structures.

Liberty Imports Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio

Liberty Imports Cartoon is a Remote control car; it features three different cars, each with a driver. It is of simple design and entertains kids. The remote control has three buttons one to turn on light, one for forward and one for backward. Kids can play with their friends and can compete in racing. It teaches two-year-old kid to learn cause and effect.

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

If your two-year kid loves bicycles, he would love to have this Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson is a cool design featuring blazing flames stickers on it. Through its pedal-powered ride, kids learn the basics of riding. All the material used in the bicycle is of good quality, and rugged surface tires make it more durable.

 3 Bees & Me Magnet Boat Set Bath Toys

If you want your kids’ bath time enjoyable and relaxing take this 3 Bees & Me Magnet Boat. The set comes with four boats of different colours. So Why to waste time on buying separate pieces buy it without wasting time. Giving enjoyable experience in bath time, parents can teach kids numbers and colour recognition.

3 Bees & Me Basketball Hoop & Bath Toys

Another toy that makes your kid entertained while bath time is a set of basketball hoop and balls. You can fix basketball hoop near the tub. Your little player will have no problem in holding balls as its slip-resistant with premium quality that doesn’t lose its shape.

Meland Large Water Doodle Mat

Meland large water doodle mat is an excellent pick for kids who are innovative and creative. It features one drawing mat, three paintbrushes and different shapes. This set reacts with water and can mark water stamps. Each side of drawing mat has numbers, shapes and objects that are great for educating a toddler.

VTech Ring and Learn Cash Register

VTech Ring and learn cash register set comprises of a shopping cart, cash register and groceries. Your kid will learn ho to do basic math and how to shop. It has small scales through which kid learn measuring the weight hence improving motor skills. It promotes logic, focus and memory building.

VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone
This toy phone helps your two-year-old to understand technology. With this gadget, the toddler can learn math, letters and can play. A kid can visit the gallery, add numbers in the phone book, chat and much more. Your kid would love to have it.

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

VTech turns and learns the driver is fun to play with. It has quality design and looks like a real car. He can learn basic driving and can develop hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it also helps to improve motor skills and movement sense.It has five colourful buttons, each having different sound names. If he presses buttons, he can learn animal names.

Teach My Toddler Learning Kit

Teach my toddler kit is a learning kit that features an alphabet, number, shape and colours complete sets. The kit has four board books, four posters, seven puzzles and fifty-five flashcards. It is a preschool learning guide that helps to develop crucial skills.

LUKAT Cars Toys- Push and Go Friction Powered Vehicles

This is an excellent gift for two years old and can keep your kid busy for hours. It has four push and goes friction powered vehicles. Each of the cars has its interesting name; Mr Milk, Mr. chips, Mr Ice cream and Mr Coca. Playing with theses is beneficial for your child health and develops motor skills.

How to select the Best quality Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boy?

Picking the best present for a two-year kid certainly isn’t simple. With so many toys available narrowing the rundown of expected gifts for your 2-year-old kid expects you to realize his inclinations just as what’s considered as a gainful toy for his development. So as to get an ideal present to your child whether for a birthday, Christmas, or some other exceptional event, you have to place some time in research.

Fortunate for you, we’ve just done that. So everything you’ll require to know whether to experience these means and make sense of what kind of toy will suit him the most. Children, particularly at this age, need to investigate their encompassing, explore objects, and have delicate engine aptitudes, in contradicted to a girl that will come in the general beginning to speak in this period.

So search for toys that will be useful for the improvement of their agility, focus, motor skills, his capacity to tackle complex issues, and hand-eye coordination eye. Anything that supports action and investigation, improvement of his psychological abilities just as engine capacity will demonstrate as a useful toy for his development. You’ll see that!

Criteria We Used

We have a strict policy while compiling a list of toys that we recommend for 2-year-old boys keeping in view features they should have. Being that little boy of this age ought to experience a few fundamental advancement stages, we prescribe toys that are protected to use most importantly yet in addition instructive and engaging enough to keep their consideration and commitment. Some of premium quality and educational toy types are here that we approve and recommend.

Encourage Building Skill Development

Anything from puzzles to Lego set that promotes problem-solving skills. Thusly, your little one will develop and urge the brain to discover innovative answers for settling a riddle, fabricating that imaginary palace, or utilizing comparative toys.

Focus Building Toys

Boys of this age usually are attracted to one toy for a short span. And that’s something a parent can account for the right choice, technique and means. Try gifting him toys that are appealing and entertaining. So if you’re looking for toys that teach alphabet or numbers, pick the ones with a fascinating design.

Educational Toys

Two year child should start working and gaining the basic preschool lessons. There’s are a lot of toys that allow yout kid to learn alphabet, animal, basic math, or other things through play. The best toy are those from which while playing kids learns educational lessons and improves body functions. Your kids won’t even notice that they’ve gained vocabulary, learned names of animals, or numbers, however, you will see the difference.


How do these toys assist child grow?

Toys that are suggested for this age as a rule significantly affect a kids improvement of both mental and physical aptitudes. While some permit them to chip away at broadening their capacity to focus, others extend their knowledge with each play meeting or give sound stimulatory methods for improving their faculties.

Are these toys plays role at teaching them essential skills?

Completely. Not just that they empower the improvement of pivotal fundamental abilities that will be basic for their advancement further down the road, however your kid can likewise master something explicit. Some of these incorporate learning the basics of playing an instrument based on your personal preference, playing b-ball and game, and so forth.

Are they safe/durable enough?

It is our first concern that we investigate the quality and strength of the toys we suggest for two-year young kids of this age. These toys are produced using amazingly solid plastic or characteristic material that is non-poisonous and doesn’t have sharp or simple to-slow down parts. This makes ingestion of little pieces incomprehensible


The toys referenced above will do ponders for your little one’s advancement as you will see yourself. Following a few days playing with these toys, your son will figure out how to tally, compose, read, improve center and create critical thinking aptitudes, thus considerably more. They are of value structure and have incredible instructive just as engaging potential. So your kid will have a quality recess just as get familiar with a few essential fundamental abilities. The main thing you’ll have to do it control them through these formative achievements to enable them to improve however much as could reasonably be expected.

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