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18 Insane Lessons About Ocean from Drone Footage

The world is getting smaller and smaller and it is ever more accessible. With the evolution of modern technology, our knowledge and comprehension of the depths of the ocean are expanding, especially when it comes to drone footage. It has not been that long since drones were introduced and slowly but surely we began to be bombarded with amusing video footage capturing exquisite views of sea life from impressive perspectives. This disrupting technology has paved a path for more knowledge about the ocean and the species that reside therein.

Drones are able to get really close to animals without intimidating them or disturbing their habitat to the extent a boat or a helicopter would. Now, we are able to get our hands on remarkably rare video footage of animals interacting with each other in their living conditions. This opens up new vistas of knowledge for the humans interested in knowing about the ocean and its inhabitants.

Best drone footage in the world

Let’s share with you 18 insane lessons about ocean and sea life from drone footage.


1 – Jellyfish Bloom

Drones have not been developed for the sky only. Scientists and researchers sent a drone down the bed of the ocean to investigate how it feels when the sea gets brimming with jellyfish.

Have a look at this amazing video footage below.

2 – Massive Penguin Supercolony

Drones captured the aerial video footage of this massive penguin supercolony that has well over 1.5 million of the birds residing in it. Here, have a look!

3 – Albino Right Whale

This drone video captures an Albino right whale calf in all its awe and splendor.

4 – Sharks prey on a bait ball

The aerial video footage of sharks preying on a bait ball is absolutely incredible. Here is the complete video.


5 – Flying Mobula rays

Splendid aerial video footage of this spectacular aerial natural act! Take a sneak peek!

6 – 8. Blue Whale

Blue whales are a rarely seen species and are not spotted all that often. However, drone video footage is a total game-changer.

Here is an incredible video of a blue whale feeding.

Take a look at this video in which a blue whale attempts to feed its calf.

This video covers a rarely captured courting behavior of the mighty blue whales.

9 – Narwhals using their tusks

Not much was known about narwhals not so long ago but with the emergence of drone footage such as this one, we know that tusks are used by narwhals to hunt. Fish are stunned by their tooth; thereby making it easier to feed on them.

10 – 12. Killer Whales

We have now come across exclusive video footage of killer whales preying on a minke whale and shark and even hunting down a blue whale.

Keep in mind that the minke whale video is quite a gory one.

Have a look at this stunning video in which the blue whale makes good its escape.

In this video, a killer whale eats a shark alive.


13 – 16. Rare Whales

Drones are able access places that are not accessible for common humans. And that is why they have been able to capture amazing video footage of whales not seen that often.

This video shows a rare Gervais beaked whale.

This video portrays Byrde’s whale feeding on plankton floating just under the water’s surface.

Here is a first known aerial footage of baird’s beaked whales.

Have a look at this video footage of Cuvier’s beaked whales. As a matter of fact, beaked whales are rarely visible and drones have changed all that.

17 – Dolphin Superpods

Dolphins move from one place to another in groups and this video footage is absolutely mind-blowing.

18 – Super cute otter

This is a super cute video of this super cute sea otter having some fun in the sea.

Have a look at this video!

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