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4 Best RC Motorcycles

The best quality RC motorcycle is a great combination of speed, balance and handling. Gyroscopes are used in the high-end RC motorcycles to ensure stability and to eliminate the need to extra wheels on the sides. There is such a huge range of RC motorbikes out there that it becomes virtually impossible to figure out the most suitable machine for oneself. As technology has seen a massive revolution, motorcycle enthusiasts also have plenty to look forward to when it comes to RC motorbikes.

We are going to share with you our coveted list of the best RC motorcycles. Our list includes a product by Xiangtat which is a leading manufacturer of RC motorbikes. Their product is a ¼ scale bike that is large, comes with an adjustable configuration for the engine and is extremely stable.

Kyosho is another leading manufacturer and both their models in our list promise exhilarating user experience. These are ready to race devices and boast high speeds regardless of their small size. Finally, Top Race is the third manufacturer with a product that is reliable, fast and easily maneuverable.

Now, let’s have a look at the top four choices for the best RC motorcycles.

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Kyosho Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda RC212V

The Kyosho Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda RC212V is a compact sized RC motorbike that is 1/18 scale in size and moves a ravaging pace on the floor or any other smooth surface as long as its path is not obstructed.

If you want to get started with this wonderful hobby, then the Kyosho Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda RC212V is the way to go. However, be ready to spend some money since it is loaded with a decent quality gyroscope and motor.

It is a ready to race device that does not require any assembly. You simply have to get the batteries charged up, insert them into the radio controller and off you go. The driver can customize the RPM and stability factor with the help of a couple of switches. Other than that, it’s pretty much factory settings that you will be driving this bike in.

This video will give you a fair idea of how the motorbike performs. It is an ideal choice for indoor adventures as well as for kids who are starting out with this awesome hobby.


  • User-friendly
  • Ready to run
  • Fast


  • High priced
  • Lacks customization options

 Top Race 4 Channel RC Motorcycles

At 1/10 scale, the Top Race 4 Channel RC Motorcycles are great motorcycles that will move about at rollicking speed in your neighborhood pavements. It has been primarily designed as a street racing vehicle but still it can manage a bump or two that might come its way.

It consists of metallic as well as plastic parts with anti-skid tires which are thick enough to handle the wear and tear that you might get out of driving on a variety of surfaces.

The gyroscope ensures that the motorbike remains stable while a couple of stabilizers on both sides of the bike are there to keep the bike in balance as it leans over too far around corners. So, you won’t having to worry about the bike falling over.

There are LEDs at the front and the rear which grant the bike an exquisite real life appearance. There is also a rider placed on top of the bike which further adds to the realistic look. However, these are merely related to the aesthetics of the machine.

The four channel radio controller mitigates interference in case of multiple bikes around. Moreover, you can also toy with the transmission frequency to get the best results out of your RC bike.

As is visible in the video below, the manufacturers know how to ensure optimum speed while keeping things simple. The Top Race 4 Channel RC Motorcycles move at fast pace around the area as it makes some sharp left and right turns in an upright position.


    • Price is suitable for beginners
    • User friendly
    • Four channel transmitter
    • Easy charging with USB cable



  • Radio controller is fragile
  • 4 AA batteries not included in original packaging

Kyosho Radio Control Honda NSR500

The Kyosho Radio Control Honda NSR500 lies in the middle of the larger sized and more compact sized RC motorbikes. It is a 1/8 scale bike that have lots of customizing features and enhanced characteristics that enables this device to remain in appropriate shape.

There are twin tubes in the engine frame that allow air cooling and reduce the bike’s temperature and help it last longer.

Rather than inserting the addition stabilizers to the sides of the bike, the rider on the bike itself is responsible for keeping the bike upright during cornering which is a fabulous way to add life like features along with some fantastic mechanics.

You can view in the video below how easy it is to handle this device on the pavement. You can try out some tight figure-8s and see for yourself how smooth the turns and controls are on this little gizmo.


  • Handling
  • Great controls
  • High end features
  • Price


  • here is wear and tear in decals with passage of time

Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motorcycles

The Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motorcycles is a ¼ scale super rider motorbike that is one of the very best devices out there and comes with tons of customizable features and reliability. The chassis consists of anodized aluminum and the driver is metal chain. Moreover, the Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motorcycle also comes loaded with a front and rear shock absorber.

RPMs generated by the engine can also be customized as slower RPMs are dedicated for the rookies and faster ones are more suitable for the veterans. You must have come to know by now that larger scale models tend to provide a wider array of options when it comes to customization.

The gyro effect governor ensures that the Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motorcycles remain upright during its motion. Moreover, there is also the patented electronic stability system that keeps the posture of the bike stable even when it falls over or lands on its side. You can view in the video below how well the Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motorcycle performs and why it is rated so high.

Basically, the Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motorcycle is a dirt bike that has been engineered for digging into loose sand and clearing small bumps. The bike can also pull an omnidirectional flip with an appropriate altitude on a jump. [This product is currently out of stock]


  • Adjustable RPMs
  • Steady in motion
  • Easy handling even in dirt
  • Fast


  • Battery can be purchased separately
  • Costly but worth it!

Instructions for buying ideal RC motorcycles

There is a wide variety of RC motorbikes out there from which you can choose from. You can either buy a low cost RC bike with a small sized motorbike or buy a more expensive one. If you are a beginner, it is judicious not to spend too much on your first bike.

However, if you are an experienced veteran, you can buy a larger scale model equipped with advanced features to get the most out of your bike. A larger model comes with a broader array of options when it comes to customization and tweaking your engine.

Some RC models are ¼ scale while there are models that can be as small as 1/18 scale. RC motorcycles of larger scale, that is, ¼ scale are packed with more features. Generally, a 1/10 scale models means that a one inch on the model is equivalent to 10 inches in real life. As is evident, the smaller you model is, smaller will be its parts and engine and the lesser features there will be to toy around with it.

You can also choose whether you want to buy a street bike or a dirt bike. Dirt bikes can be driven on scale versions of dirt tracks while street bikes can be run on pavements. Both come with different kind of tires which tell them apart.

The Bottom Line

The SKYRC SR5 and the Kyosho Honda NSR500 are right there at the top and there is a tie for the first spot for the best RC motorcycles. Both the devices come with versatile handling, adjustable engines and top quality performance parts.

You tend to exercise brilliant control over both devices during racing. While one is a dirt bike, the other one is a street bike, so you can purchase both of them for future purposes.

Both the models are equipped with state of the art features so it boils down up to you which kind of bike would you prefer.

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