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6 Best Affordable RC Bikes

If you have never had an opportunity to toy around with an RC bike then you are missing something precious in your life. We bring to you our comprehensive buyer’s guide on the best RC bikes out there. They promise to offer plenty of fun and entertainment for fanatics of any age group. So, without wasting any time, let’s get going.[wpsm_toplist]

Top Race – Best RC Bikes

RC Bikes

The RC bike by Top Race is an ideal choice for newbies out there who have not had any experience toying with RC bikes and are looking for a user-friendly device. You simply need a maximum of half an hour and you will have mastered driving this magnificent contraption by then.

The bike boasts a frame that is a blend of metal and plastic while the tires are made of thick anti-skid rubber. There are LED lights integrated at the front and the rear which gives the bike a real-life appearance. The device is equipped with an integrated gyroscope technology that allows the bike to remain steady as it races down on its two wheels.

The device is extremely user-friendly as the driver simply has to pull the trigger in the direction he or she wants the bike to go and it will follow suit. The bike does not boast a very fast speed but it is good enough to excite rookies and young kids.

The bike comes bundled with a simple user’s manual, a 4GHz transmitter, and a charging cable that offers fast charging of 4 rechargeable AA batteries. The batteries get charged in just 15 minutes or so.

This is a great device if you are driving it for the first time. The build is slightly flimsy but the bike is reasonably priced and easy to handle.

Masito XL 1200N – Best Electric RC Motorcycle

RC Bikes

Fitted with a specially designed gyroscope controller, the XL 1200 Nightster produces the same movements as those attributed to a real-life bike.

It is a fully-featured device that boasts a Pistol Group controller for easy and seamless acceleration along with a control range of 20 meters.

It is a wonderful device for rookies as it offers challenging prospects for seasoned experts owing to its high speed and top quality. The Maisto Harley Davidson motorbike is a licensed device that comes bundled with a transmitter and is a durable unit on the whole. It is 12-inches in length and consists of top quality materials.

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The authentic décor and styling of a real Harley Davidson is the main feature of this gadget that is battery operated. It needs 4 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries for the controller.

It is surely a magnificent piece of technology that is aesthetically appealing and serves as a nice gift for both an adult as well as a kid. It boasts the authentic looks and styling of a real Harley Davidson and comes at a reasonable price. You only have to buy the batteries separately which is an additional burden on the bill. Other than that, it is a gem of an RC bike.

Speed Lightning – Best RC Bike for Sale

RC Bikes

This is another battery-operated gadget that offers full-featured steering allowing the driver to move the device in the forward, backward, rightward, and leftward directions with seamless ease.

It has been manufactured by Velocity Toys and comes fitted with a Pro 2.4GHz radio control system that allows users to enjoy a phenomenal riding experience.

The frame consists of reliable plastic and is painted black in color with red, green or black stripes along with rubber grip, color-striped tires. Its dimensions are 6.5 x 5 x 9 inches.

It comes in ready to drive shape and you do not need to put together its different parts. It is loaded with bright LED headlights that give it a real outlook and lets the driver carry out some nighttime adventures.

The vehicle comes bundled with batteries in its original packaging. It runs on a couple of AA batteries and offers a wonderful riding experience to the riders. While steering, it leans sideways thereby offering the same stunning ride as that offered by real life motorbikes.

It is an aesthetically appealing device that comes at an affordable price along with batteries. It is a powerful unit so the batteries run out of juice pretty quickly. Beware while steering the bike as it might end up falling if steered excessively sideways.

Maisto RC Cyklone 360 Police Bike

RC Bikes

The Maisto RC Cyclone 360 Police Bike is aptly named as it performs some stunning spinning maneuvers that might not be possible to be carried out with other RC bikes.

The bike is available in two colors namely black and orange. It is loaded with LED lights that change colors; thereby giving it an attractive and rather stylish appearance.

The Maisto RC Cyclone 360 Police Bike has the ability to carry out some mind-blowingly complex maneuvers that might be beyond the realm of imagination of seasoned drivers. However, even a kid or a newbie can get acquainted with these stunts with the help of the bike’s rear-wheel as it can take an omnidirectional spin without falling down or even becoming unstable.

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The Maisto RC Cyklone 360 Police Bike does not require batteries so that will cut down on the costs associated with batteries for the first time and then replacing them when they run out of juice. If you are a big motorbike fan, this police bike is a must-have.

The Maisto RC Cyklone 360 Police Bike promises to offer plenty of exciting features at a reasonable price. It provides decent value for money considering its features and build quality.

ECX Outburst

RC Bikes

This is the first motorbike among the fleet of ECX radio-controlled vehicles. It is equipped with an inbuilt gyroscope that ensures that the device remains stable even while taking turns and lets it drive smoothly on a wide range of surfaces. The top-quality LED headlights and taillights let you use this gadget even during the dark.

The ECX Outburst is one of a kind in terms of its features and performance. It comes bundled with a USB charger for fast charging and a trim scheme.

The top-quality rubber tires offer high performance on asphalt and carpet but are unable to deliver decent performance on grass. This is the only downside that is associated with this motorbike.

If you have been driving RC bikes, then you would be familiar with the fact that they do not tend to take off from a dead stop position. However, Outburst is a whole lot different from them as it straightens up instantly and gets up on its wheels as soon as you press the pedal.

If you are purchasing a motorbike for the first time in this domain, you will surely be impressed by the features and performance of the device. This device is a wonderful choice for kids as well as experts and comes at a reasonable price.


RC Bikes

This gem of a bike lets you enjoy simultaneous racing thanks to its 2.4GHz transmitter. You can race this device with your friends and enjoy its ride with your fellow racers.

The device also has the ability to perform unique maneuvers as it is loaded with an integrated gyroscope mechanism along with anti-skid rubber tires that boast high thickness. It can also be ridden on its rear-wheel owing to its gyroscope technology.

The device is made of top quality reliable materials. The rider sitting on top of the bike and the bike itself looks absolutely real and offer great convenience to the user. The LED headlights let the driver carry out some interesting nighttime adventures.

It is a great gift for kids as well as adults as the original packaging includes a charging cable, a 2.4GHz radio controller and a comprehensive user manual that contains user-friendly information about the appropriate repair and maintenance of the bike.

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On the whole, the Force1 bike is a fabulous RC gizmo that remains stable during its ride and performs well on a wide variety of terrains. It might take some time for you to get familiarized with the features and functions of this device but once you get accustomed to using it, everything will seem like a piece of cake. It comes at a reasonable price and getting it recharged does not take a long time either. The only drawback that can be associated with it is that it provides a run time of only 15 minutes or so before the battery runs out of juice.

How to purchase RC bikes

Here are a few points that you ought to take into consideration while purchasing a RC bikes.


This feature is not as important to take into account while purchasing RC bikes but you should always keep an eye at the type of tires and the terrain that you want to use them on. You can determine the thickness of a wheel simply by touching it. Keep in mind, thicker the wheel, smoother the ride!

If you are looking for an RC bike that is able to carry out one-wheeling stunts then you should ensure that the rear wheel is large enough or the device is loaded with gyroscope technology. In addition, if you are a rookie and believe that you will not be able to keep the two-wheeler upright, you may as well go for a bike with more than two wheels. These support wheels will help you master the art of controlling an RC dirt bike and keeping it stable.

You should also keep in mind the control range of your device. You should be aware of the distance up to which the connection between the device and the controller would remain stable.

We do not mean that you should start looking for a device with a control range long enough to let your bike visit the next town but it should be long enough that it lets you enjoy a smooth ride in a go. Most of the top quality RC bikes are coming with a control range of 60 feet and we believe that a control range should not be lower than 40 feet.

This is it for the best RC bikes. We hope that you will be able to benefit greatly from these reviews and they will help you find the bike of your dreams.

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