drones cover weddings

5 reasons why drones cover weddings

The marriage ceremony is the beginning of a wonderful life for a newly-wed couple. The drones cover weddings which adds another dimension to the ceremony.  Just as two different persons are vowing to live the rest of their lives with each other, it seems a pretty cool idea to bring in two cameras – one located at the ground while the other one soaring in the skies – together as an incredible way to capture the moments to be cherished forever.

Drone Photography

Here are five reasons you should choose drones to cover your wedding day.


Drones cover weddings that ensure stunning views

You can employ a drone to capture scintillating views of the venue along with all its elements in their awe-inspiring grandeur. Drones offer versatile perspectives of the amazing venue that people choose to convene their wedding ceremonies. Be it a splendid beach wedding or a magnificent event organized at a mountainside resort, a drone can capture the venue in all its mind-boggling beauty. This video offers some terrific shots that can be captured with the help of drones.

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People can get attracted to drones

The band at the wedding was disappointing! Forget it! If you want your wedding ceremony to remain in the memories of the participants and guests for the rest of their lives, ensure that your weddings are part of that category in which drones cover weddings.

Propellers can cause some annoyance amongst people due to their noise. However, drones should not be the only exciting thing about a wedding. They should complement all the best things on offer at the wedding. Drones that do not make a lot of noise such as the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum which is an upgraded version of the DJI Mavic Pro via FOC sinusoidal driver ESCs and 8331 propellers can be a way to go.

Drones can capture things that could get ignored

With the help of drones, you can capture stunning views and shots. They let you capture natural photographs and video footage without using conventional flash and photographers who are always infringing upon your private moments. Relatives can always interrupt in a bid to capture more photographs but your drone will always be higher than them.

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Drones can get to places conventional photographers cannot

A conventional photographer cannot accompany you while you walk down the aisle and under the altar. But drones can certainly get to places where a conventional photographer cannot; swiftly transitioning between a wide-angled shot of the venue to covering the bride as she makes her way through the aisle.

Having said that, drones can only complement the conventional, land based photography and cannot be outright substitutes. They add an additional element and a geeky touch to this wonderful occasion.

Brilliant for group shots

Have you ever encountered that weird moment when the photographer had to climb up a ladder to fit the entire group in the frame and still failed to fit everyone? Drones capture amazing images of large groups whether an enormous bridal party or a large number of wedding guests as theoretically drones can capture as wide a shot as you desire.

Why resort to drones to capture professional wedding photographs?

Drones cover weddings, which is becoming ever more sophisticated and intricate and getting mainstreamed with every passing day. According to the statistics released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), commercial drone usage will increase from 42,000 as witnessed in 2016 to 420,000 by 2021.

Get addicted to this novel and more advanced form of still photography. Always carry out extensive research, get your hands on top-notch equipment, stay updated with the latest technology, and hone your skills.

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