countries prepared for drones

Countries Prepared for Drones

Ever since the emergence of drones in 2013, many drone companies have stated that the innovations will take off in 7 to 8 years. However, the pace hasn’t been exactly what they have promised. According to the Drone Regulations Report, there are 3 countries prepared for drones. We will be talking about these countries in detail below.

Countries prepared for drones

As per the Drone Regulation Report, the 3 countries prepared for drones are UAE, Singapore and Poland. Ever the COVID-19 pandemic came into being, the Singapore government is taking gigantic steps to promote drone delivery usage. In April 2020, HTX Singapore decided to integrate drones into the police affairs so that people can get penalized for not following the social distancing rules and regulations.

They use the drones to track people from colony to colony and hand over the drones to the Nazim of that particular street. All the happenings of the COVID-19 social distancing rules get saved in those drones, which the Nazim regards very highly.

The good news regarding other countries is that they are making considerable steps to ensure that they conduct national tests through drones, allowing the drone industry to progress in their respective countries. Swiss U-Space Implementation are looking to integrate the drones for checking the traffic management on the daily basis.

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Whoever violates the traffic rules and regulations, their footage gets saved in the drones and the traffic police finalizes the penalty as per the footage. Looks like a very good idea and it is something that the rest of the countries prepared for drones can follow to improve their traffic. After all, violating traffic rules is one of the biggest reasons why the world today is having more accidents than ever.

However, the federal governments have also imposed drone regulations in recent years. In the United States, the drone manufacturers have stated that the regulations are one of the biggest reasons why the drone industry is not progressing as it should be doing.

Final Verdict

It totally depends upon the country that is associated with the drone industries. Some countries are financially well-equipped to ensure that they are prepared for the drone inventions. However, there are many poor countries that do not come into the list of countries prepared for drones. The federal government has a massive responsibility to create a roadmap for the drone inventions.

Let’s see who else falls into the same category as UAE, Singapore and Poland. How is your country doing in this regard? Tell us in the comment section below:

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